• title card: red all caps jagged italic text reading ‘BIZARRE’ superimposed on a field covered in snow, a thin row of black silhouetted trees and a pale sky above
  • Jupp rises out of his coffin in the darkened luggage van
  • Steed reaches up to climb out of Jupp’s grave
  • Jupp laughs as he imagines the look on his wife’s face if she knew where he was as he lies back on a day bed, surrounded by dolly birds
  • The Master has a cup of tea, his fake tan revealed now he’s removed his turban
  • Tara leads the arrested birds, businessmen, and crooks out of Steed’s open grave
  • Tara and Steed are trapped in his rocket after she presses the launch button

Series 6 — Episode 32

Teleplay by Brian Clemens
Directed by Leslie Norman

Production No E.67.9.31
Production completed: March 3 1969. First UK transmission: May 17 1969. First transmission (USA): April 21 1969.


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Tara King Linda Thorson regularThe Saint
Bagpipes Happychap Roy Kinnear regularBlake’s 7Jason KingThe Sweeney
Master Fulton Mackay regularDoctor WhoDad’s ArmyThe Saint
Mother Patrick Newell regularDoctor WhoDanger ManRandall and Hopkirk
Helen Pritchard Sally Nesbitt regular
Captain William Cordell James Kerry Blake’s 7The SaintDepartment S
Shaw George Innes The SweeneyJason KingCallan
Jonathan Jupp John Sharp regularThe PrisonerThe SweeneyRandall and Hopkirk
Mrs. Jupp Sheila Burrell Adam Adamant
Tom Michael Balfour The PrisonerDanger ManDepartment SCarry On..
Bob Patrick Connor regularDad’s ArmyDanger Man
Charley Ronald Pember regularThe ProfessionalsThe SaintThe SweeneyCallanDepartment SUFO (billed as Ron Pember)
Rhonda Rhonda Parker regularSpace 1999
Bradney Morton Frank Maher regularDanger ManThe PrisonerBlake’s 7The SaintRandall and HopkirkThe Champions
Dollybird Rosemary Chalmers regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Dollybird unknown
Dollybird unknown
Dollybird unknown
Dollybird Deanna Shenderey regular
Dollybird unknown
Dollybird unknown
Missing Financier (John Ash) Dan Darnelli regularDanger Man007The PrisonerPink Panther
Missing Financier (George Barter) James Reginald Wallis (J.R. Wallis was an executive at Associated British Picture Corporation, seemingly having a cameo in this episode)
Missing Financier (Anthony Barter) Vernon Duke regular
Missing Financier (Patrick Vernon) unknown
Missing Financier Sandy Stein regular

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