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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'HOW TO SUCCEED .... AT MURDER' outlined in black and superimposed on a close-up of Miss Purbright's wrist with the charm bracelet
  • J.J. Hooter wears a protective bandage around his invaluable nose
  • Close-up of the creepy ventriloquist's dummy which gives the women their orders
  • Steed puffs ot his chest as he pretends to keep fit; Emma, resting on the sofa behind him smiles at his antics
  • Mrs Peel, wearing a black leotard, is seized by the murderous keep fit women
  • Steed and Emma hold each other close as they are surrounded by the women and face Henrietta
  • Henry and the puppet Henrietta collapse against a poster of the real Henrietta after being shot by Steed, Henry still carries his revolver
  • Steed and Emma read books on ventriloquism ('ADVANCED VENTRILOQUISM' and 'THE VENTRILOQUIST') inside a moving caravan

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