• title card: white all caps text reading 'THE GIRL FROM AUNTIE' outlined in black and superimposed on the front wheel of the fallen bicycle, and the knitting that has fallen out of the basket
  • Georgie, dressed as Mrs Peel, turns to speak to Steed
  • Auntie's receptionist draws a Luger pistol when she hears Steed outside the door
  • The old lady viciously lunges towards the camera (and Georgie) with her knitting needle
  • Steed, in evening wear, finds the Mona Lisa amongst Auntie's stolen goods
  • Mrs Peel is singularly unimpressed with being locked in a cage wearing a bodystocking and a few feathers, Auntie gloats from behind the cage
  • Steed knocks Auntie out by smashing the Mona Lisa over his head, destroying the priceless painting
  • Emma drives while Steed is squeezed into the back of the tiny Messerschmidt car

Series 4 - Episode 17
The Girl From Auntie

8 stars

by Roger Marshall
Directed by Roy Baker


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Emma Peel Diana Rigg regular007Doctor Who
Georgie Price-Jones Liz Frazer The ProfessionalsCarry On..Dad's ArmyJason KingRandall and Hopkirk
Gregorio Auntie Alfred Burke regularDanger ManThe SaintRandall and Hopkirk
Arkwright Bernard Cribbins regularDoctor Who007Carry On..Space 1999
Joseph Ivanoff David Bauer regular007The ChampionsPink PantherThe PrisonerRandall and HopkirkThe SaintJason KingDepartment S
Old Lady Mary Merrall regularThe SaintUFORandall and Hopkirk
Aunt Hetty Sylvia Coleridge Doctor WhoBlake's 7Jason King
Receptionist Yolande Turner regularThe SaintDepartment S
Taxi Driver Ray Martine
Russian Maurice Browning Doctor WhoThe SaintThe Champions
Fred Jacques John Rutland
John Jacques unknown
Paul Jacques Vincent Fleming regular007The Champions
George Jacques unknown
Blonde unknown
Reveller unknown
Porter unknown regular
Mr Pansard-Lamb unknown
Mr Bates unknown
Marshall Royston Farrell regularDoctor Who
Mr Barrett Snr unknown
Mr Barrett unknown
Mr Wimpole unknown
Guard Romo Gorrara regular007The PrisonerThe SaintIndiana JonesPink Panther
Auction hand Alan Viccars regularDanger ManDoctor WhoThe SaintThe PrisonerThe ChampionsDepartment SCarry On..Space 1999
Auction hand David Baker regular
Turkish bidder unknown
Chinese bidder unknown regular
Bidder unknown
Bidder Michael Dempsey regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Bidder Andrew Andreas regularDanger ManDoctor WhoAdam AdamantThe Professionals
Lady Bracknell unknown regular
Man in old lady disguise Art Thomas regular
Mrs Bullsover unknown
Mrs Grampian-Hardy unknown
Beaky Knitter unknown
Beanie Knitter unknown
Cardigan Knitter Gertrude Kaye CallanCarry On..
Floppy Knitter unknown
Fluffy Knitter unknown
Hatted Knitter unknown
Lady Knitter Peggy Scott Sanders regularThe SaintDanger ManThe PrisonerCarry On..
Pillbox Knitter unknown
Slow Knitter unknown
White-haired Knitter unknown
Stuffy Knitter unknown
Veiled Knitter unknown

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