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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'THE GRAVE- DIGGERS', outlined in black, superimposed on a view of the graveyeard, ivy creeping over the cross nearest us
  • Marlow lies in his coffin
  • Fred tries to create the illusion that Sir Horace's train carriage is moving through the countryside with a range of wheezing, puffing old equipment
  • In full surgical garb, Dr Massie prepares to operate with a blow torch. Miss Thirwell attends on his right while Sager control the gas flow, rather than anaesthetic, in the background. A huge operating theatre light dominates the scene
  • Sir Horace happily rides his miniature steam engine
  • View through the telescope of Massie tying Mrs Peel to the railway tracks
  • Steed dives under Baron's legs as they fight on top of the miniature train
  • Steed happily toots the engine's horn while Mrs Peel, sitting behind him, covers her ears

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