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  • title card: white text reading 'Warlock' superimposed on a dark close-up of the cowled Gallion, his face partly lit by a candle held in his hand
  • Cathy emulates Hamlet with a skull
  • Neville lies dead on the pentagram
  • Steed meets One-Ten in a pub - and sprays soda water all over himself
  • Julia leads the devotees in a chatoic dance
  • Gallion collapses and dies in the pentagram

Series 2 - Episode 18

Teleplay by Doreen Montgomery
Directed by Peter Hammond


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman regular007DangermanDoctor WhoThe Saint
Dr Cosmo Gallion Peter Arne regularDangermanThe SaintPink PantherDepartment SThe Champions
Markel John Hollis regularDoctor Who007Blake's 7The SaintAdam AdamantStar Wars
Julia Pat Spencer
One Ten Douglas Muir regularThe Saint
Mrs Dunning Olive Milbourne The SaintCarry On..
Dr Peter Neville Alban Blakelock regular
Doctor Brian Vaughan Doctor Who
Pathologist Gordon Gardner
Mogom Philip Mosca
Barmaid Susan Franklin
Pasco Herbert Nelson regular
Miss Timson Christina Ferdinando
devotee Bill Haydn
devotee Anna Sharkey
devotee Roy Gunson
devotee Maggie Lee
devotee Fred Evans
devotee Gillian Bowden
devotee/pub customer unknown
devotee/pub customer unknown
meeting attendee unknown
devotee unknown
devotee unknown
meeting attendee/pub customer Hein Viljoen regularDoctor WhoThe SaintUFO
meeting attendee unknown
meeting attendee unknown
meeting attendee unknown

Apparition - Bill Bradley, Bill Reid and Dog.
3 Male and 3 Female (Friday & Saturday), 2 Male & 2 Female (Saturday only) For Secret Chamber, Pub, Bookshop and Lecture

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