• title card: white all caps text reading ‘Bullseye’ superimposed on a shooting target with two holes near the bullseye
  • Cathy tries out one of the rifles in the basement firing range with George watch approvingly
  • The Brigadier confers with Young and Miss Ellis
  • Cathy sneaks on board Young’s yacht
  • Cade makes Cathy a deal she can’t refuse
  • Cathy indicates with her pistol that Miss Ellis should leave the basement firing range

Series 2 — Episode 4

Teleplay by Eric Paice
Directed by Peter Hammond

Production completed: 20 September 1962. First transmission: 20 October 1962


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular 007
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman regular 007 Danger Man Doctor Who The Saint
Henry Cade Ronald Radd regular Danger Man The Prisoner The Saint Callan Randall and Hopkirk Jason King Department S The Champions
Brigadier Williamson Charles Carson Danger Man
Miss Doreen Ellis Judy Parfitt regular The Saint Adam Adamant
Douglas Young Felix Deebank
Jean Mitzi Rogers regular The Professionals The Sweeney
Foreman (George) Robin Wentworth Doctor Who
Inspector Fred Ferris regular Doctor Who The Saint
Karl Bernard Kay Space 1999 Adam Adamant Carry On.. The Professionals Doctor Who Randall and Hopkirk The Sweeney
Dorothy Young Laurie Leigh
Reynolds John Frawley regular Adam Adamant The Prisoner The Saint
Shareholder Graeme Bruce The Saint
Anderson George Lowdell The Saint Callan
shareholder unknown
investor Dick Downes regular
shareholder unknown
shareholder unknown
shareholder unknown
shareholder unknown
shareholder Ernest C. Jennings regular Doctor Who Callan
shareholder Philip Johns regular
shareholder Henry Rayner regular
shareholder unknown
investor unknown
investor unknown
PC Watt unknown
constable unknown
Credited but not listed in TV Times

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