• title card: white text reading ‘Mr. Teddy Bear’ superimposed on a wide shot of a TV studio, the crew crouched around the fallen Wayne-Gilley
  • Steed sits at One-Ten’s desk while One-Ten briefs him
  • The thug, Henry, enters the cafe to keep tabs on Cathy
  • Cathy, wearing spectacles, has an interview with a teddy bear
  • Mr. Teddy Bear, disguised as a technician, greets Steed as they pass each other in Steed’s doorway
  • Mr. Teddy Bear falls to the floor and dies after Cathy forces him to take the ‘harmless’ pill he’d offered to her

Series 2 — Episode 1
Mr. Teddy Bear

Teleplay by Martin Woodhouse
Directed by Richmond Harding

Production No 3506, VTR/ABC/1907
Production completed: August 4 1962. First transmission: September 29 1962.

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