The Diabolical Masterminds of The New Avengers

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The Lion and the Unicorn

L’Unicorne is France’s most feared assassin and Steed and he have spent much of ten years trying to gain the upper hand, but Steed appears to have it when he captures the assassin in his Paris apartement. One of the assassin’s men accidentally kills him while trying to kill Steed and the New Avengers have to balance on a knife edge to exchange the now-dead assassin with the still very much alive royal hostage his cohorts have taken.


RAF pilot Larry Doomer, once engaged to marry Purdey is obsessed with avenging his father’s death, killed after being accused of espionage by a Middle Eastern country. Years later, he has his chance when the diplomat who authorised the execution visits Britian and he steals a missile from his base — assisted by small time hoods Kilner and Morgan. Purdey realises her lost love is behind the plot and tries to stop him, but is heartbroken when Larry is shot by Gambit, saving her life.


Asiatic gangster Soo Choy wishes to break into the North American cocaine market, but the CIA and the New Avengers stop his trial run, leading the mafia bosses to ridicule the mandarin. Swearing revenge, he bribes a British agent to betray the trio and orders his troops to bring them in for execution. He hasn’t counted on the New Avengers’ resolve, however, and is once more ridiculed by the mafia heads when everyone involved is captured by our heroes.


Tony Spelman is an enemy agent working inside the department. He orders his cohorts to kidnap Purdey and coerce Steed into doing apparently treacherous acts, in order to discredit Steed and the whole of his department.

K is for Kill — Part 1: The Tiger Awakes

In late 1945, Soviets troops are secreted across Western Europe, implanted with electronic devices to ‘reawaken’ them at a satellite signal — odd really, when satellites didn’t exist until the late 50s…
Nonetheless, while the modern Soviet are trying to limit the fallout from the accidental reawakening and account for all the troops, Colonel Stanislav, knowing his father to be one of them, deliberately prevent the cleanup of the mission and tries to start World War III by having the French Président assassinated.

K is for Kill — Part 2: Tiger By the Tail

Vide supra — Turkov is Stanislav’s father.


Soviet agents in Canada pay architect Berisford Holt to make the new Canadian Security Services building be an automated homicidal double agent, codenamed SCAPINA. One of the embassy tries to sell the killer’s identity to the West, and is eliminated along with everyone else.
The New Avengers, no doubt drawing on Steed’s long knowledge of automated killer buildings, tumble the plot and flood the basement, killing the supercomputer.


Rubbish. Colonel Sminsky decides to destroy the new Canadian Security Services building’s defences by training agents to be ‘gladiators’ — supreme fighters who are so good they can deflect bullets with their bare hands.
It really is a load of cobblers, isn’t it?


British security’s liaision officer with the Canadians, Douglas Collings, is a double agent running a pipeline of secrets trading out of Toronto. Purdey discovers the next drop off while working undercover and Collings is nearly trapped by Steed. To prevent them discovering his identitiy, he gets his Soviet friends to track down and kill the New Avengers and destroy the evidence, but the New Avengers win through and he’s captured at his desk.

Forward Base

Many years ago, a hurrican struck Lake Ontario, causing widespread devistation and knocking out all communications in the area. Under cover of this disaster, a Russian submarine sneaks down the St Lawrence Seaway and submerges itself below the lake, where it has been spying on Canadian Security ever since.
Captain Malachev and his lieutenant, Ranoff, run a tight ship but some of their land agents aren’t quite as careful and the New Avengers uncover the hidden base.

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