The Diabolical Masterminds of The New Avengers

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The Eagle’s Nest

Nazi renegades, hiding out on the mid Atlantic island their plane crashed on in 1945, are the possessors of what was rumoured to be “Germany’s greatest treasure” - not stolen artworks and Jewish gold, but the frozen body of Der Führer himself.
Desperate to reinstate the Third Reich (or start a Fourth Reich), they kidnap eminent cryonegnicist Dr. von Klaus and trick him into reanimating the body, but the New Avengers arrive in time to see the hideous dictator killed once and for all.

House of Cards

Eastern Bloc agent Ivan Perov is humiliated when the New Avengers whisk away a scientist he was forcibly repatriating, and fakes his own suicide with the aid of a life-arresting brew invented by Cartney. He swear revenge on the New Avengers and the professor, and activates his ‘deck’ of sleeper agents, planted across Britain years before but is ultimately quelled by the quick-thinking Steed and the flying feet of Purdey.

The Last of the Cybernauts…??

Double agent Felix Kane, hideously disfigured after being enveloped in a petrol explosion, swear to get revenge on The New Avengers, and gets his sinister butler Malov to adbuct engineers and scientists associated with cybernetics so he can use Dr. Armstrong’s cybernaut technology to do it. Made into a half-man half-cybernaut by the captive scientist Mason, he’s stopped by Steed with cans of aerosol ‘plastic skin’ - destroying the ozone layer in the process.

The Midas Touch

The gold-obsessed chemical weapons research Professor Turner produces the ultimate weapon - a man dubbed “Midas” whose very touch can kill, as he’s an asymptomatic carrier of dozens of fatal diseases. The Boltanian Prime Minister, Vann, offers him gold treasures from his state’s treasury in return for the assassination of the last remaining member of the royal family, a youthful princess. Turner loses a few henchmen along the way and himself is finally killed when he bumps into Midas during a furious fight to save the princess’ life..

Cat Amongst the Pigeons

Ornithologist and bird tamer Zarcardi finds his love of our feathered friends the driving force when he hears of government plans to control bird numbers due to the world’s dwindling food supply. He dreams of a better world, a world in which birds rule, and man is subjugated to them. He trains up an army (or is that air force?) of pigeons, hawks and finches with which to take over the world, but he’s counted his eggs before they’ve hatched and the New Avengers step in with baskets of cats to prevent the coup..


Draker and Klokoe plan to destroy British Security by wiping out all the top agents, installing a double agent, Bradshaw, at a Ministry target range. The darts fired by the range guns are modified to contain curare, a rare and highly deadly South American poison brought to England by the pygmy Klokoe.
An Eastern Bloc Colonel approves the plan until it starts to come unstuck, and he finds himself the latest victim of Draker. The plot is uncovered when Gambit subjects Bradshaw to the range, and he and Steed must race to save Purdey’s life with an antidote hidden at the range..

To Catch a Rat

Seventeen years after treacherously handing his colleagues over to the Soviets in East Germany, Cromwell has risen through departmental ranks to head D16 — but he didn’t count on one of those betrayed to come back from the dead and report in - flushing him out and ending in his death.

The Tale of the Big Why

Small time criminal Bert Brandon bragged of having knowledge of a ministerial scandal but never let on. He’s released from prison and it’s a race between two ex-Soviet agents, Brandon’s daughter, and the New Avengers to see who can get to the information first. Roach and Poole, the ex-Soviets, are brutal in their pursuit - beating up one, killing Brandon and kidnapping Purdey.

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