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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'WHO WAS THAT MAN I SAW YOU WITH?' superimposed on Zaroff's face covered in a green clay facepack, a towel over his head
  • Tara takes aim at the Field Marshall, her face blacked out and wearing camouflage to avoid detection
  • Kate uses a magnifying glass to give Dangerfield a meticulous pedicure
  • Steed returns home to find his flat filled with crates of Meudon & Heim champagne
  • Miss Culpepper studies the film of Tara and reads her lips
  • Steed fights Dangerfield and Zaroff in the boxing ring of the Baronet Sporting Club
  • Low-angle view as Tara and Steed celebrate with a champagne fountain

Series 6 - Episode 30
Who Was That Man I Saw You With?

Teleplay by Jeremy Burnham
Directed by Don Chaffey

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 1:31 - The opening scene is shot on the same set as most of the action of Fog and uses the same pre-fab cobblestones as the opening scene of The Correct Way To Kill.
  2. 2:02 (1:54) - Perowne finds the same Gray's Bank credit card as seen in Stay Tuned in Zaroff's wallet.
  3. 2:43 - But it looks like a different credit card now - maroon instead of grey.
  4. 3:04 (3:15) - Alan Browning steps on Nita Lorraine's foot.
  5. 3:40 - The opening credits are disturbing - we have a freeze frame of Dangerfield's mud-pack covered face, but his laughter continues under the music.
  6. 4:35 - There's a hair stuck on the top left corner of the camera lens in the close-up of Powell as he's spun around in the chair.
  7. 4:36 - a brief, blurry, glimpse of the camera crew as the vision swirls around.
  8. 6:44 (6:30) - One of Tara's hand grenades falls off her belt; she picks it up then decides she can't be bothered and leaves it behind. However, it's back on her belt later on (7:44, 8:28, etc.).
  9. General Hesketh's medals are:
    Royal Victorian Order (GCVO), CBE, Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross and bar
    1939–45 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army clasp, Italy Star, Defence Medal,
    War Medal 1939–1945, General Service Medal, Korea Medal, United Nations Service Medal for Korea
    General Service Medal (1962), Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal, War Cross (1939–1945), and an unidentified foreign order
  10. The "Field Marshall's" medals are:
    Victoria Cross and bar, George Cross and bar, Order of the Bath (KCB), Order of M,erit Order od St Michael & St George (KCMG),
    CBE, Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross, Order of the Thistle, then a series of what looks like random patterns.
  11. 8:55 - You can see the shadow of the boom microphone on the wall as Tara approaches the lift to leave the War Room.
  12. 13:20 - Zaroff has a phone in his car.
  13. 15:48 - Tara drives to a lonely phone booth in the countryside, an idea that made it into the 1998 film of "The Avengers". The location is later revealed to be "the corner of Lynsted Woods".
  14. 19:39, 25:00 et passim. - Mother seems to be installed in the vault of St Bartholemew's church, last seen in Take Me to Your Leader - but the exterior shot is of a folly or crenellated gatehouse. The set is also used as Simon Juniper's shop, albeit whitewashed, in Pandora (the three episodes were filmed one after another).
  15. 21:20 - Mother reduces Tara's security rating to Zero Minus.
  16. 28:00 - Product placement for Elmo cameras.
  17. 28:45 - something (maybe a twig?) stuck to top right corner of camera lens in the location shot.
  18. 30:15 - Stand-in for Macnee in the location shot of the car passing by.
  19. 36:50 - Another stand-in for Macnee in the location shot.
  20. 37:50 -Product placement for Meudon et Heim (does this mean it's a real brand after all?).
  21. 43:00-44:00 - Gladys's transcriptions: "Could you tell me the way to Wilson Street?" and "He told the man to drive to the Baronet Sporting Club, Elchester Place".
  22. 45:00 - There are some compression artefacts in the black background.
  23. 45:02 - The cameraman loses focus as Alan Wheatley (Dangerfield) walks towards the camera. Focus is regained at 45:09 when he stops, then promptly loses it again (45:10) as he moves forwards once more.
  24. 46:15 onwards - That's Paul Weston doubling for Steed and Alf Joint playing Zaroff in the fight; I'm not sure who's playing Dangerfield, it might be Fred Haggerty.
  25. 47:31 - Steed knocks Dangerfield out with his steel-crowned bowler.
  26. 47:38 - Steed is determined to learn the answer to a question - not the name of the government Dangerfield was working for, much more important than that, the name of his tailor!
  27. 49:20 - You can see a row of lights on the ceiling in the inverted shot of Steed pouring the champagne into the fountain.
  28. Running time: 50'00"
  29. The transcription for this episode notes that it's 6 feet of film too long, which is odd, as it's the shortest episode of the series so far. However, a few lines in the tag scene have been struck out:

    STEED: Just in time.

    TARA: In time for what?

    STEED: To participate in an earth shattering experiment. Now, you hold that - Will you hold it so that I can see it? The right way up, if you don't mind.

The Transport

Lotus EuroparedPPW 999F
Triumph Vitesselight blueTWS 540F
Ice Cream Vanwhite & blue?
NRU?burnt orangeBPU 124G
Citroën PallasblueDLT 666C
Austin 3 LitrewhiteRUE 365F
Rolls Roycepale lemonUU 3864
Austin taxi (60s type)blackSRK 943F
Triumph Heraldred and whiteCAR 756B

Who's Killing Whom?

Perowne Zaroff revolver
Fairfax Zaroff Tara's revolver
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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