• title card: white all caps text in serif font, bordered top and bottom and askew counter-clockwise, reading ‘TAKE-OVER’ superimposed on a close-up of the dead man lying in a field
  • Circe gases Bill so she can perform surgery upon him against his will
  • Steed stands at the front door with a pile of presents and a small Christmas tree
  • Steed’s right gloves is all that remains above the surface of the marsh; the villains look on grimly
  • Circe, in profile, practices her scalpel technique on an apple
  • Lomax is busy aiming his missile, dramtically forshortened across the screen to the right, and hasn’t noticed that Steed has just come in the door behind him
  • Tara is startled when her ‘invisible golf’ swing results in the breaking of a window

Series 6 — Episode 29

Teleplay by Terry Nation
Directed by Robert Fuest

Production No E.67.9.30
Production completed: February 21 1969. First UK transmission: April 18 1969. First transmission (USA):April 14 1969.

Regional broadcasts

Thames Television23/04/19698:00pm
ATV Midlands18/04/19698:00pm
Granada Television24/08/19698:25pm
Anglia Television17/09/19698:00pm
Border Television4/05/19697:25pm
Channel Television13/08/19698:00pm
Grampian Television23/04/19698:00pm
Southern Television23/07/19698:00pm
Scottish Television
Tyne Tees Television23/04/19698:00pm
Ulster Television18/04/19698:00pm
Westward Television13/08/19698:00pm
Harlech Television18/04/19698:00pm
Yorkshire Television26/04/19698:00pm

TV Times listing

TV Times listing for April 23 1969, 8pm (London edition)
Sydney Morning Herald listing for June 20 1969, 8pm
The Age listing for March 9 1970, 8.30pm

8.0 The Avengers
Patrick Macnee
Linda Thorson
Take Over
By Terry Nation

A gang of crooks captures and terrorises a couple living in a lonely country house. The gang intends to use the house to train a long-range weapon on a nearby conference of foreign ministers, but they have reckoned without John Steed…

John Steed Patrick Macnee
Tara King Linda Thorson
Grenville Tom Adams
Laura Elisabeth Sellars
Bill Michael Gwynn
Circe Hilary Pritchard
Sexton Garfield Morgan
Lomax Keith Buckley
Groom John Comer
Clifford Anthony Sagar

Designer Robert Jones; Director Robert Fuest; Producers Albert Fennell, Brian Clemens; Executive in Charge of Production Gordon L. T. Scott

International broadcasts

ABN2 Sydney, Australia20/06/19698:00pm
ABV2 Melbourne, Australia9/03/19709:00pm
ABC New York, USA14/04/19697:30pm
ORTF2 France10/10/19708:35pm
Suisse Romande, Switzerland
French titleNoël en Février (TF2:1 in new series)
ZDF Germany
German titleStille Tage auf dem Land
KRO Netherlands4/06/19719:36pm
Dutch titleDe kleine operatie
TTI Italy1982 C5
Italian titleIl complotto
Spanish titleLos intrusos

This episode was one of five that were left out of the initial run of series 6 in Melbourne, Australia, and was eventually rescreened in 1970 after the “Steed’s Choice” series of repeats of seven selected episode from series 5.

This episode was not broadcast in Switzerland or Germany at the time; Italy didn’t see it until 1982.

USA: Chicago Tribune listing for April 14 1969, 6.30pm
USA: New York Times listing for April 14 1969, 7.30pm
Netherlands: Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant listing for June 4 1971, 9.36pm
France: L’Impartial listing for October 10 1970, 8.35pm

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 4:00 — Tara gives Steed a shotgun belonging to her uncle, who had never used it. When Steed asks why, she says the young man married the uncle’s daughter of his own free will.
  2. 14:31 — Obvious back-projection used for the driving scene with Steed in the Rolls-Royce.
  3. 15:15 — Steed knocks at the garden door with a “shave and a haircut” knock.
  4. 15:22 — Steed greet them with the words, “Happy Christmas”.
  5. 16:02 — Steed explains that Bill and her were taken prisoner in Nanking, no window in the cell, we lost track of time.
  6. 19:13 — “I haven’t seen a room clear so quickly since Freddy Furman took a live skunk into the Turkish Baths”
  7. 20:34 — “I spend all my money on new noses”.
  8. 24:21 — Is that product placement for the brand of Steed’s watch?
  9. 24:28 — you can see the crew’s equipment reflected in the glass of the picture frame on the wall.
  10. 32:55 — When Steed hides behind the tree, both the close-up of him and the mid shot of Fenton are out of focus.
  11. 38:31 — there’s a ribbon sticking out over the top centre of the camera lens as Lomax approaches the window and uses his binoculars.
  12. 42:40 — Tara is bound and gagged by Fenton and Sexton.
  13. 44:00 — Cyd Child takes over in defeating Circe.
  14. Running time: 49′57″

The Transport

Rolls-Royce Phantom V Limousine by H.J. Mulliner, Park Ward 1963 limousineblack7 HYU
Riley 9hp Vee-Twin Tourer 1907dark green with white and goldYU 4301
Rolls-Royce Phantom I H.J. Mulliner [80KR] 1929pale lemonUU 3864
Land-Rover 109\" Series II 1958 soft-top utilitydark greenUFK 521

Who’s Killing Whom?

Handcuffed man Fenton Grenville phosphor bomb
Sergeant Groom Fenton Grenville phosphor bomb
Gilbert Sexton (?) John Steed thrown off staircase
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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