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  • title card: white all caps Edwardian ornate font reading 'PANDORA' superimposed on a close-up of the faceless mannequin dressed as Pandora
  • Tara is attacked and chloroformed in the antique shop by Henry and Rupert
  • Tara is confused as she enters the Lasindall's Art Nouveu parlor, apparently back in 1915
  • Tara discovers she looks exactly like the portrait of Pandora outside Gregory's bedroom
  • Juniper's body is placed near Tara's car in which the Lasindall brothers have placed a skeleton dressed in Tara's clothes
  • Gregory reaches out towards us with a bony hand
  • Tara and Steed cover their ears as the clock starts booming out the hourly chime

Series 6 - Episode 27

Teleplay by Brian Clemens
Directed by Robert Fuest

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 2:48 (2:28) - a forlorn harmonica version of the theme tune plays over the opening titles, this is repeated at various points through the episode.
  2. 3:24 - Tara's appointment is in Sturmer Street, just round the corner from Steed.
  3. 3:50 - Henry chloroforms Tara and he and Rupert drags her away.
  4. 4:23 - Meudon et Heim champagne.
  5. 6:00 - There's a hair stuck to top left corner of screen in the close-up tracking shot of Mother moving across Tara's apartment.
  6. 6:17-6:32 - The boom microphone dips into view as Mother intones, "It also ensures I'm interrupted".
  7. 7:20 - Mother states that The Fierce Rabbit was our man in Armentierres in the First World War.
  8. 7:25 - The first file in the cabinet is clearly a script.
  9. 7:26 (6:50) - While ferreting through the Ministry files in search of the 'The Fierce Rabbit' file, Carter flicks past Mrs Peel's and Mrs Gale's not-yet-declassified files. There are also files labelled MENT, Bernard and, intriguingly, Experiment 53-T-4. If this were Doctor Who, there would be a Big Finish audio adventure for that file by now...
    Mrs Peel
    Mrs. Emma Peel
    Mrs Gale
    Mrs. Cathy Gale
    Fierce Rabbit
    The Fierce Rabbit
  10. passim. - Rupert's (fake) medals are Distinguished Service Order, Military Cross, African General Service Medal, India General Service Medal. He wears a captain's uniform with grenadier collar badges and a red triangle regimental insignia.
  11. 12:12 - Juniper's room is the same set as the vault of St Bartholemew's church, last seen in Take Me to Your Leader and Mother's headquarters from Who Was That Man I Saw You With? (the three episodes were filmed one after another), but it's been whitewashed.
  12. 16:36 (16:16) - Captain Rupert Lasindall's address is Seven Pines, Barsworth, Hertfordshire.
  13. 17:51 - Something - a cable or a hawser? - appears at the bottom right corner of the screen - it looks like it's attached to the camera.
  14. 19:05-19:30 - there's something hanging over the top right corner of the camera in the shots at the top of the stairs as Rupert guides Juniper to see his Uncle.
  15. 21:37 - Hubert Pettigrew's address is 10A George Court, Knightsbridge.
  16. 24:30 - the film of the scene where Pettigrew visits Steed is washed out, scratched and dirty.
  17. 30:10 - we glimpse the boom microphone as the camera pans back from the door to focus on Henry.
  18. 34:30 - Henry chlorforms her again when she discovers the skeleton.
  19. 37:55 - Rupert tells her it's November 18th, 1915
  20. 39:55 - The close-up of Steed is marred by a black smudge top centre of the lens.
  21. Running time: 49'54"
  22. In the original script, the antique store owner was named Murray instead of Xavier Smith.

The Transport

Lotus EuroparedPPW 999F

Who's Killing Whom?

Simon Juniper Rupert Lasindall revolver
Gregory Lasindall (Gregory Lasindall) Heart attack
Rupert Lasindall Steed Falls from top landing
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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