• title card: white all caps text reading 'GET - A - WAY!' superimposed on three cowled monks staring down the empty grey stone corridor
  • A trail of red paint footprints the only evidence that there was anyone there
  • Tara finds an advertisement in the Bryant's natural history magazine: 'RUNAWAY PEOPLE Escape With LIZARD VODKA MAGNUS IMPORTING CO LTD
  • Lubin points his pistol at Tara, who is kneeling on the floor of Bryant's office, taking the last magazine from Bryant's dead hands. A stuffed eagle in a glass box stands on top of Bryant's drawers
  • Ezdorf fades from view as he turns to face the wall, the liquid soaked into his clothes and hair doing its work
  • Steed pours the invisibility liquid from the bottom half of the trick Vodka bottle over his bowler hat as Magnus tries to sneak up on him from behind
  • Tara is almost complete hidden behind the huge pile of parcels she carries in to Steed's living room

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