• title card: white all caps text reading 'LOVE ALL' in an Edwardian italic, the O has been replaced with an outlined heart, superimposed on Sir Rodney embracing the cigarette-smoking char lady, Martha
  • Mother is in the nets, practicing cricket in his wheelchair. He wears pads and gloves and wields a bat. Steed and Tara look on from behind the nets, the wall behind them painted to resemble the view from a village cricket oval with a pavilion and a church tower in the distance
  • Tara asks Bellchamber about his perfumes, a row of coloured glass bottles with tapered blown glass stoppers in front of them
  • A close-up of the piano keyboard used to programme the computer to generate new romance novels, the keys are labelled: MOTHER IN LAW, GIRL RETURNS RING, ROMANCE AT SEA, WIFE LEAVES HUSBAND, WIFE SUES GIRL, BOY GIVES GIRL FLOWERS
  • Steed grabs Tara by the waist after she attempted to leap out a window after being brainwashed by Bromfield
  • An enlarged view of the subliminal mssage, projected on the ceiling to reveal 'You will fall in love with the next person you see....'
  • Tara and Steed push furniture across his doorway, desperate to stop the brainwashed women from breaking into his flat

Series 6 - Episode 24
Love All

Teleplay by Jeremy Burnham
Directed by Peter Sykes

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 1:18 - The Ministry building is in fact Watford town hall.
  2. 3:05 - The caption scanner has hair and dust all over it - when the opening credits are superimposed there are two hairs in the top left corner and specks over the entire picture.
  3. 3:23 - There's an odd colour shift as the camera pans up from the manhole and zooms towards the approaching Steed; it looks like a remastering error, where the black level suddenly shifts, rather than film stock damage.
  4. 3:30 et passim. - Mother's office this week is a cricket club, complete with indoor practice nets and Victoriana, underground beneath a manhole!
  5. 8:00 - Martha Roberts lived at 4 Chester Place, London E13.
  6. 9:30 - Doesn't look like E13, more like NW1. (It's actually Sutherland Avenue, Wn)
  7. 9:55 - Is it just me, or does Veronica Strong look exactly like Jennifer Saunders?
  8. 15:xx - the clue to the killer is a very exclusive perfume, a bit like in How to Succeed .... At Murder
  9. 18:15 - The custoemr list starts with : Lady Vanessa Cholmondley-Davenport (Mother has known her since she 'came out' in '38); The Hon. Malvina Tredwell-Smith (Mother says she's a platoon leader in Girl Guides). The rest of list is not read out as Tara is interrupted by Freeman.
  10. 19:44 and 23:16 - Sir Rodney's Rolls is back at the town hall. Looks like repeats of the shot from 1:18.
  11. 20:38 - Is this the first use of Latin since the departure of Honor Blackman? Steed comments, "De mortuis nihil nisi bonum" (Don't speak ill of the dead) to Tait when Tait says he's glad to scotch a rumour about Sir Rodney Kellogg before it went any further.
  12. 23:00 - The policewoman recites Tait's number plate as being 308 HYH.
  13. 31:55 - Shades of The Correct Way To Kill as Bromfield and Steed meet with Terence Alexander smiling benignly at Steed as they're introduced.
  14. 36:30 - Paul Weston as Macnee's stunt double for the fight. I can't identify the stand-in for Frank Gatliff.
  15. 38:06 - There's colour shift here, but is it in film stock or the remaster? I suspect the remaster as there was a similar one when Steed was approaching the open manhole at the beginning of the episode.
  16. 41:12 - The shadow of the boom crosses Tara's face as the camera pans to follow Bromfield across the room.
  17. 41:24 - A clearly painted backdrop for the cloudy sky outside the window.
  18. 43:05-43:10 - Another stand-in for Macnee, probably Paul again, standing in Honoursborough Street, Wn
  19. 43:50 - That's Paul Weston rushing to save Cyd Child from falling.
  20. 44:10 - Macnee reportedly cracked a few ribs doing this scene where he save Linda from falling from the window.
  21. 44:47-44:49 - Bromfield reaches for his inside pocket, we cut to Steed and then back to Bromfield, who has his hands by his sides again. There might have been a scene where he's disarmed removed, as Tara ends up with Bromfield's gun later on.
  22. 44:51 - It looks like Paul Weston and maybe Romo Gorrara doing this fight scene, nicely intercut with closeups of Macnee and Alexander.
  23. 45:16 - Steed knocks Tara out with the steel crown of his bowler hat.
  24. 45:20 - Nice to see that he's still using Herbert Johnson & Son hats as well..
  25. 45:33 - The piano computer dispenses a huge manuscript after the keys are all hit during the fight and Steed comments, "They'll never fit this into paperback".
  26. 47:05 - You can see the joins in the set's ceiling as Steed approaches the door.
  27. 47:10 - The microdot projectors are in different positions on Steed's waistcoat to those he put them at 46:55.
  28. 49:30-50:00 - Steed is wearing a different coat, so why does he have the microdots on this one as well? I think he planned to get teenage girls to fall in love with him...
  29. 49:30-50:00 - Speaking of teenage girls, the three (not 25) women we can glimpse thought the glass are definitely not teenagers.
  30. 49:58 - Steed, concerned that Tara has been affected by the hypnotic dots on his waistcoat says, "I'd better take it off!" Does Tara reply "Oh, Steed!" or "Oh, please!" ?
  31. Running time: 50'14"

The Transport

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I (chassis SRH971) 1967greyMWF 435F
Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. 'Silver Ghost' 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976
Austin Mini Countryman Mk I 1967cream & woodRFK 686E
Mercedes-Benz 250 [W114] 1968steel blueIWY 601G
Lotus Europa S2 Pre-production [Type 54] 1968redPPW 999F
Morris Mini 850 Mk II 1968greenPME 41F

Who's Killing Whom?

Metcalfe Sir Rodney pistol
Sir Rodney Martha revolver
Freeman Tara shot by his own gun during a fight
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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