• title card: white all caps text reading 'HOMICIDE AND OLD LACE' - the last three words in an Edwardian italic - superimposed on the two old ladies pointing their antique pistols towards the right; the edge of the screen is superimposed with  white lace
  • Tara listen to the click of the tumblers as she tries to crack Dunbar's safe
  • Colonel Corf happily shows Steed forgeries of the Crown Jewels, stored in crates in his warehouse
  • The removalists pack a throne from Buckingham Palace into their van
  • The gang leaders look through the shelves of boxed artworks
  • Tara uses a stolen sub-machine gun on Dunbar's goons
  • Steed covers his face with his hands as Mother and Rhonda laugh at Mother's ventriloquism joke. Rhonda is holding an artist's palette and brush

Series 6 - Episode 23
Homicide and Old Lace

Teleplay by Malcolm Hulke & Terrance Dicks
Directed by John Hough

Continuity & Trivia

  1. Running time: 50'04"
  2. 2:13 - Another dusty outing for the caption scanner, the opening credits are quite gritty.
  3. 2:13 - The captions start with just the word 'Homicide', then expand to the full titles and finally are augmented after a second with a lace overlay on the screen.
    title card: white all caps text reading 'HOMICIDE' superimposed on the two old ladies pointing their antique pistols towards the right
  4. 2:13 - the music under the opening titles is taken from the Mackiedockie Court sequences from ESCAPE
  5. This episode is a cheapie! Half of it is recycled footage from Emma Peel episodes (the cast members and killings with the coloured background denote the recycled footage); the rest of it is recycled footage from the abandoned "The Great Great Britain Crime", filmed in late 1967 under John Bryce's production.

    We have:

    • 5:06 (5:02) - Elrick being chased by Verett and Robin across the scaffolding from The Bird Who Knew Too Much.
    • 5:46 - Repeat of footage from 5:29.
    • 6:27 (6:10) - Danvers being stalked by Robin from The Bird Who Knew Too Much.
    • 7:21 (6:56) - Hubert, Mickle, Wilson and Martin repeating their actions from Murdersville.
    • 15:51 (15:40) - Gilbert trying to kill Steed with a bulldozer, straight from The Fear Merchants.
    • 16:55 (16:24) - Professor Stone reiterating his murderous mechanical attack upon Steed from Never, Never Say Die
  6. 8:19 - A word has been removed from Patrick Newell's sentence "He would deliver it at Steed's apartment --- personally".
  7. 9:49 - The driver of the van (maybe George Hilsdon) is not the man who was driving it up until around 9:04.
  8. 10:30 - older footage from John Bryce's shoots, colour shifted and dirty.
  9. 13:50-14:10 - Brian Clemens pokes fun at John Bryce : Mother's Aunt Harriet questions Tara being a blonde, "Just a minute. You made Tara King a blonde... I've seen her, she's a brunette." - Mother bluster a retort, "If I wish to make Tara sky blue, pink, I will!"
  10. 14:29 - Even with the stocking over her head, it's clearly Cyd Child & Paul Weston.
  11. 14:57 - Steed's calling card, dropped into the bucket, reads: 460-9618 / John Steed, 3 Stable Mews, City of London.
  12. 15:25/15:35 - Freddie Cartwright is shot, mistaken for Steed as he's wearing one of Steed's suits - not only that, he's also getting out of what was originally intended to be Steed's car for the series, the maroon AC 428 Frua.
    I strongly suspect the original scene in "The Great Great Britain Crime" was of Steed being ambushed by Intercrime (or Murder-International, or whoever they are...) Strangely, Maxwell Craig also played Wilson, uncredited, in Murdersville and that footage was reused earlier in this episode at 7:21.
  13. 15:49 - Some odd editing: cutting away in the middle of zooming in on Mother to a profile shot of his Aunts, then cutting back to the zoomed shot.
  14. 16:38 - Product placement for Herbert Johnson & Sons.
  15. 18:21 - The photo of Tara in the file is one of Linda Thorson's standard promotional stills.
  16. 18:22 - Is this the only outing of the Lotus 2+2?
  17. 18:30 - That's some fancy driving by Romo Gorrara in the green mini and Cyd Child in the Lotus.
  18. 19:09 - Reused close-up of Fuller from 15:08.
  19. 19:10 - Fuller tells Steed that Intercrime's address is 199 Royal Avenue, SW7.
  20. 19:33 - A piano version of the theme tune is played in the background.
  21. 20:16 - Dunbar's office looks like it's part of the set of Emma Peel's flat from Series Five.
  22. 23:56 - Mother oddly says, "Dubios had opened the safe in 59 and point 15 seconds flat" - Flat is usually used to mean exactly, and there's no fraction at all. Mother lates sys that Tara beats the time "at the proverbial last moment", I assume that means 59.14 seconds.
  23. 24:35 - Product placement for a Stadion 7 Jewels stopwatch.
  24. 25:14 onwards - You can see the shadow of the boom microphone on the wall above the lift.
  25. 26:25 - you can see the boom microphone in to top centre-right of the screen as we cut to Tara, having feigned a faint, in the chair.
  26. 26:45 - Colonel Corf shows Steed his favourite painting, "The Monarch of the Glen".
  27. 27:22 - Product placement for Thomas Withers safes.
  28. 30:35 - You can just see the boom microphone waver at the top of the screen above Macnee's head when we cut to the long shot.
  29. 37:28 - The driver starts moving before the henchman can get in and the scene is abruptly cut before it becomes apparent.
  30. 37:50 - Obvious use of a still frame while Tara disposes of the scientist (over which terrible corny sound effects are played).
  31. 40:16-40:50 - Classic padding: the aunts recap the entire plot of the episode so far.
  32. 41:48/41:51/41:57 - CU of Mother is OOF
  33. 44:24 et passim. - Colonel Corf's medals are:
    MBE, Military Cross, 1939-45 Star
    Africa Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939–1945
  34. 46:45x - Steed's killing of the African delegate with his sword stick has been cut from the final print.
  35. 49:50 - Patrick Newell says "Gottle of Geer" while pretending to ventriloquise and Patrick Macnee and Rhonda Parker burst out laughing.
  36. 49:52 - The closing credits start with the fanfare played by Izzy Pound in The Interrogators, then becomes a silent movie style soundtrack version of the theme tune, then bizarrely ends with the Series 5 fanfare.

The Transport

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III Saloon 1963white3 KMH
Austin 1800maroonJYT 518D
Jaguar Mk II 2.4 1960cream338 DYU
BMC 250 JU Minibus 1967white with purple Orpheus Tours signsKVF 10K
Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. 'Silver Ghost' 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976
Rover 2000 P6 1966sky blueJLL 376D
Austin Mini Super Deluxe Mk I 1963igreen135 FAC
AC 428 Frua Drophead Convertible Coupé 1965 Prototype (CF1)maroonLPH 800D
Fowler bulldozeryellowLYV 100
Lotus Elan +2 (Type 50) 1967redNPW 999F
Morris MiniredBMU 837A
Winchester Mk.III Taxi 1967blackSRK 943F
Morris Minor O-Type 1957 vangreen (Post Office)?
Austin A152 Omnicoach or Morris J2 Minibus 1966white with purple Orpheus Tours signsGYP 682D
Morris FE Mk III 1955 removals vanblueJML 59

Who's Killing Whom?

Freddie Cartwright Thug bren gun
Thug (?) Tara sub-machine gun
African delegate Steed Umbrella sword stick
Osaka Steed automatic pistol
Thug Tara sub-machine gun
Elrick Robin falls off scaffold into wet cement
Danvers Robin sub-machine gun
Martin Wilson pistol shots
Gilbert Steed crushed by bulldozer
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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