• title card: white all caps text reading ‘TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER’ askew so it’s in line with the red suitcase behind, to make it look like it’s on the side; the suitcase has a speaker in the middle of it
  • The suitcase stands on its side beside a lightbox showing an x-ray of its contents
  • Audrey lets loose a piiercing scream as she vent the frustration of teaching dance and drama to little monsters
  • Captain Tim, in a red gi, practices his karate, his hand nearly hitting the camera in extremely foreshortened perspective
  • Steed and Tara try the different instruments, trying to find the right note to unlock the suitcase
  • Tara encounters a cobwebbed skull as she enters the Cunningham family crypt
  • A German Shepherd sits on Tara’s sofa with one of the courier suitcases

Series 6 — Episode 21
Take Me to Your Leader

Teleplay by Terry Nation
Directed by Robert Fuest


Produced by Albert Fennell regular The Professionals
and Brian Clemens regular Danger Man The Champions The Professionals Adam Adamant
Teleplay by Terry Nation regular Doctor Who Blake’s 7 The Champions The Saint Department S
All Characters and events in this Teleplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely co-incidental
Directed by Robert Fuest regular
Executive in charge of production Gordon L.T. Scott regular
Music supervision by Laurie Johnson regular The Professionals Jason King
Score by Howard Blake regular
Production controller Jack Greenwood regular
Production designer Robert Jones regular
script editor Terry Nation regular Doctor Who Blake’s 7 The Champions The Saint Department S
Director of photography H.A.R. Thomson regular
editor and Post production co-ordinator Ann Chegwidden regular Doctor Who
Production manager Ron Fry regular Doctor Who Space 1999
Patrick Macnee’s suits designed by Patrick Macnee regular 007
Miss Thorson’s costumes designed by Alun Hughes regular
Casting director G.B. Walker regular The Saint
Unit manager Laurie Greenwood regular The Sweeney
Assistant Director Ron Purdie regular The Professionals
Camera operator Geoff Seaholme regular
Associate art director Len Townsend regular
Associate art director Kenneth Tait regular Department S
Set dresser Simon Wakefield regular 007
Continuity Kay Perkins regular
Make-up Jim Hydes regular Carry On..
Hairdressing Mary Sturgess regular The Sweeney
costume supervisor Ivy Baker regular Pink Panther
2nd unit photography David Holmes regular
Recording director A.W. Lumkin regular The Saint
Sound recordist Bill Rowe regular 007 The Saint Department S
Dubbing mixer Len Shilton regular The Champions The Saint Department S
Sound editor Peter Lennard regular The Professionals Randall and Hopkirk Department S
Music editor Paul Clay regular The Professionals
Construction manager Herbert Worley regular
Supervisory electrician Roy Bond regular
Stunt arranger Joe Dunne regular 007 The Professionals The Prisoner Pink Panther Space 1999 Randall and Hopkirk
MCMLXVIII A.B.C. Television Films Limited All rights reserved
Made at Associated British Elstree Studios England and on location
ABC Production / Associated British Corporation

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