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  • title card: white all caps Art Nouveau text reading 'THE MORNING AFTER' superimposed on a view inside The Rostarn Trading Company showing Merlin, Tara and Steed passed out from the gas, a large teddy bear on the chair next to the one Merlin is slumped in
  • A policeman's helmet lies abandoned dramatically in the foreground of a deserted street
  • Merlin and Steed grab Sergeant Hearn around the neck with the handcuff chain, forcing him to order his men to drop their weapons
  • Yates and Jenny stand beside their television van, telling Steed and Merlin, who are off camera, what's been happening
  • Sergeant Hearn decides a slug of cheap whisky is a good idea while guarding his prisoners
  • Steed and Merlin smile at each other after defeating the Brigadier with the sleeping gas, handkerchiefs tied around their faces to protect against it
  • Steed and Tara are barely visible in the gloom as they examine the box sent from Merlin that is filled with the stolen luminous dust

Series 6 - Episode 17
The Morning After

Teleplay by Brian Clemens
Directed by John Hough

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 1:11 - The episode starts with a close-up of the Ministry of TSI sign used in Split!
  2. 1:37 - Just who is so obsessed with clowns?
    We have:
  3. 4:03 - Steed locks the door as he closes it, but when we cut back to the long shot he's nowhere near the handle anymore.
  4. 4:04 - The shadow of the boom dances across the wall above Steed's head.
  5. 5:17 - There's dust on the opening title captions.
  6. 6:00 - Macnee's suit has a large stain on the back.
  7. 7:39-7:52 - That's a stand-in for Macnee walking out of the building in the long shot and going to the phone booth, probably Paul Weston.
  8. 9:47 - The boom itself (rather than the microphone) appears in the top right of the frame as Macnee walks around the front of the car.
  9. 12:44 - Brian Clemens' personal sports car is one of those aandoned in the street.
  10. 13:01 - The shot has been flipped horizontally, making the "The Blue Anchor" sign on the end of the building back to front.
  11. 13:30 - There's a jarring switch to the standing set of the street after all that location work.
  12. 15:31 - Paul Weston stands in for Macnee for the stunt when Merlin tries to escape. I'm not sure who's doing Peter Barkworth's stunt work.
  13. 15:45 - The studio set as seen in Killer revealed for the first time.
  14. passim. - Brigadier Hansing's medals are identical to those of Colonel Mannering in The Interrogators:
    Distinguished Service Order, OBE
    1939-45 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army clasp, Italy Star, France and Germany Star
    Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 with King's Commendation for Brave Conduct oak leaf, Korea Medal, United Nations Service Medal for Korea
    General Service Medal (1918-61), General Service Medal (1962), Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal, Croix de Guerre 1939-1945
  15. 20:46 - This is the first appearance of Tara for a while, Linda Thorson must have been on holidays at the time and her scenes recorded separately to the rest.
  16. 23:14 - Steed and Merlin escape Sergeant Hearn and his men and steal their Landrover (dark green with military markings and the number plate [22 AP 46] - we even see them driving around it (once, hilariously, tearing out of a no through road that they must have entered earlier) [see below]. However, when they pull up in a back street at 24:13, they're in a civilian Landrover (a slightly paler green, with the number plate [KJB 27].
  17. 24:05 - Steed drives the Landrover out of a no through road and later on, after apparently going to the other side of town (25:02) Steed and Merlin walk out of the same street again.
  18. 24:47 (25:14) - The footage of Hearn arriving at the bank from 21:56 (21:37)is repeated, slightly differently edited.
  19. 24:49 - Hearn is back in his own Landrover, previously stolen by Steed.
  20. 25:08 - Hearn finds the replacement Landrover.
  21. 25:15 - The factory chimney is smoking, so the town hasn't been completely deserted after all.
  22. 28:36 - There are very antiquated cars and buses in Jenny's footage of the evacuation, it looks like stock WW2 footage, and director John Hough confirms it was stock bought from a library.
  23. 31:56 (33:00) - Steed's security clearance code is KR5.
  24. 32:22 - It looks like repeat footage of the door-to-door searching from 27:19 but I suspect they filmed several scenes at once in the same street, the corporal in one scene is a private in the other.
  25. 34:05 (35:27) - More repeated footage, this time of the soldiers disembarking from Hearn's Landrover to search houses Hearn shouts, "Right then, on the double, search those houses!" Previously - 28:04- he's shouted, "Right then [you lot] on the double, move yourself!"
  26. 37:30 - It sounds like the dramatic, mysterious nusic from Man-eater of Surrey Green.
  27. 43:10-43:30 - Tara wakes, knocks out Hearn and then Merlin puts her to sleep again with another capsule.
  28. 45:41 - The trucks outside the commission are the same trucks in which Steed found the unconscious troops in the backstreet.
  29. 48:10 - You can see a slight jump in the film as Steed cunjors the key for the handcuffs.
  30. 48:24 - In the closing tag scene, Steed has just watched a television programme; we can discern the closing sounds of "Laugh In", the sound of one person clapping. Steed turns off the television set and reflects, "Sock it to me" - a catch phrase from the same show. "Laugh In" was in the same time slot as "The Avengers" in the USA and easily winning every ratings survey which led to the demise of the show.
  31. Running time: 50'14"

Production notes

  1. Most of the location work was done at St Albans, with the entire population agreeing to evacuating the town for filming.
  2. 18:50 - Regents Park Barracks in Albany Street used as the location for Easter Hemisphere Trade Building.
  3. Director John Hough recalls that working on The Avengers was different to working on ITC shows like The Saint. ITC was driven by schedules and finishing on time while Brian Clemens focused on quality output.
  4. John had been working on The Saint as a second unit director and more or less swapped jobs with Ray Austin as they each wanted to work on the other's shows.

The Transport

Triumph Heraldwhite690 MGO
Milk Floatwhite with blue \"STB Dairies\" signTLH 794
Morris Mini Travellerpale greenCYR 893C
Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. 'Silver Ghost' 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976
Ford Thames Trader flatbed truckgrey916 MAA
Triumph Vitesseblue, with black hood?
Marcos 1800 GTredCYB 756C?
Austin Cambridgeroyal blue612 DLA
Volkswagen Combiblack112 GXV
Landroverdark green22 AP 46
LandrovergreenKJB 27
Triumph Vitessedark greyKAM 548F
Morris 1100redPLE 831
Rover P5dark grey608 CMW
Austin 100cwt military truckdark green22 44 02
Austin 100cwt military truckdark green22 44 06
Austin 100cwt military truck dark green 22 44 00

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