• title card: white all caps Art Nouveau text reading ‘THE MORNING AFTER’ superimposed on a view inside The Rostarn Trading Company showing Merlin, Tara and Steed passed out from the gas, a large teddy bear on the chair next to the one Merlin is slumped in
  • A policeman’s helmet lies abandoned dramatically in the foreground of a deserted street
  • Merlin and Steed grab Sergeant Hearn around the neck with the handcuff chain, forcing him to order his men to drop their weapons
  • Yates and Jenny stand beside their television van, telling Steed and Merlin, who are off camera, what’s been happening
  • Sergeant Hearn decides a slug of cheap whisky is a good idea while guarding his prisoners
  • Steed and Merlin smile at each other after defeating the Brigadier with the sleeping gas, handkerchiefs tied around their faces to protect against it
  • Steed and Tara are barely visible in the gloom as they examine the box sent from Merlin that is filled with the stolen luminous dust

Series 6 — Episode 17
The Morning After

Teleplay by Brian Clemens
Directed by John Hough

Production No E.67.9.20
Production completed: November 11 1968. First transmission: January 10 1969.


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Tara King Linda Thorson regularThe Saint
Jimmy Merlin Peter Barkworth regularDoctor Who
Jenny Firston Penelope Horner The SaintJason King
Brigadier Hansing Joss Ackland The SaintThe Sweeney
Sergeant Hearn Brian Blessed regularDoctor WhoBlake’s 7Randall and HopkirkStar WarsSpace 1999The Sweeney
Major David William Parsons (Gregor Parninski) Donald Douglas Doctor WhoBlake’s 7The Professionals
Yates Philip Dunbar
Harold Thomas Cartney Jonathan Scott
Guard Nosher Powell regular007The SaintStar WarsCarry On..Randall and HopkirkAdam AdamantThe SweeneyDepartment SPink Panther
Guard Bob Bryan regularDanger Man
Guard Bill Burns regularThe SaintAdam AdamantThe Champions
Guard unknown
Sergeant Gerry Crampton regular007The PrisonerPink PantherIndiana JonesUFO
Private Fred Haggerty regularDoctor Who007The PrisonerBlake’s 7Pink PantherThe Saint
Corporal unknown
Private unknown
Private unknown
Private unknown
Driver unknown
Corporal unknown
Private Terry Richards regular007Adam AdamantPink PantherIndiana Jones
Scientist Alan Starkey regularThe PrisonerUFO
Scientist unknown
Scientist unknown
Scientist Tony Douglas regularDoctor WhoThe SaintDanger ManThe Prisoner
Scientist unknown
Scientist unknown
Private unknown
Unconscious soldier unknown
Unconscious soldier unknown
Unconscious soldier unknown
Unconscious soldier unknown
Unconscious soldier Clive Rogers regularDoctor Who
Unconscious soldier unknown

Another one of the soldiers is Dave Larner but I don’t know which one.

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