• title card: white all caps text reading ‘INVASION OF THE EARTHMEN’ superimposed on three students in orange rollnecks looking just to the right of the camera, smiling maliciously
  • The inflated astronaut sails through the blue room visible through the window
  • A cryogenically frozen student inside her casket, the label reads Penelope Harwood, age twenty-one, packaged 8–8-67
  • Huxton aims his rudimentary bow and arrow at Tara
  • Tara is surrounded and captured by the students
  • Emily leads some of the students as they search the Tunnel
  • Close-up of Steed teaching Tara a judo technique in his flat

Series 6 — Episode 15
Invasion of the Earthmen

Teleplay by Terry Nation
Directed by Don Sharp

Production No E.66.6.26
Production completed: January 23 1968. First transmission: January 15 1969. First transmission (USA): March 27 1968

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