• title card: white all caps text reading 'THE ROTTERS' askew by 30 degrees counter-clockwise and superimposed on Kenneth and George smiling at the now-disintegrated door
  • Tara fights George and Kenneth in Pendred's house
  • Steed and Tara climb out into the ruined church tower, finding Pym crushed under the tenor bell -  all the beams have vanished
  • Steed lies on the floor, covered in the remains of the piano as the outer woodwork has been destroyed
  • Tara hold the lock of the door, all that remains of the wooden hut she'd hidden in. Behind her stand Jackson and Sandford, who has just disintegrated the hut with the metal spraygun in his hand
  • Wainwright surprises Tara by sitting up in his coffin and pointing a pistol at her
  • Tara carries an enormous mushroom through Steed's flat in order to make and omelette

Series 6 - Episode 14
The Rotters

Teleplay by Dave Freeman
Directed by Robert Fuest

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 2:46 - This week, Mother's office is entirely made of plstic and all of the furniture is inflatable.
  2. 7:32 (7:45) - Surely destroying the desk with the wood rotting device would also destroy all the paper inside it, including the photographs.
  3. 8:40 - That's nice intercutting of Cyd Child & Linda Thorson in the fights scene.
  4. 13:38 - The music is from The Hidden Tiger.
  5. 16:14 (16:44) - The church bell has no clapper, why on earth did they film a shot straight into it?
  6. 17:38 - That external shot of George and Kenneth coming through the gate doesn't look like an evening shot...
  7. 19:16 (20:06) - It's a clear redub of Steed saying, "That's Pendred and Pym gone, who are the others?"
  8. 27:33 - The chain disappears as well as the wooden gate but it's there at 27:42 for Tara to pick up.
  9. 28:49 - The music is the march from The Hidden Tiger.
  10. 32:10 - The stuntman is not much like Macnee, and the other two are suddenly wearing their caps.
  11. 33:39 - Same location as the woods in Super Secret Cypher Snatch, maybe the same as They Keep Killing Steed as well.
  12. 38:18 (39:13) - Mother says Sawbow was shot point blank, but he wasn't! Sandford was good 20' away at least.
  13. 45:33 - There's colour-shift in the back-projection driving scene.
  14. 46:50 - Wainwright says he's going to ransom the world for £1,000,000,000 and Tara quips, "You don't really belive all this rot do you?"
  15. 49:00 - The omlette recipe recipe (Steed comments in parentheses):
    Plain flour, 2lb. (hand milled on stone), 4 dozen eggs (all laid by pedigree hens within the last 3 hours), salt (from the coast of Brittany, coarse ground), seven rare and exotic herbs, milk (llamas'), sugar (wild cane), and pimentos. (Whisky - that's for me!) Mix together for ten minutes and add the master chef's touch, then ten minutes after that you have Steed's crusted omlette of mushroom.
    "Oh, mushroom!" Tara exclaims, and she rushes in and picks up an enormous mushroom.
  16. Running time: 50'15"

The Transport

Morris Minor vandark green?
Lotus Europa S2 Pre-production [Type 54] 1968redPPW 999F
Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. 'Silver Ghost' 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976
BMC flatbed lorryburgundy?

Who's Killing Whom?

Sir James Pendred George pistol
Sir James' manservant George pistol
Professor Palmer Sandford thrown knife
Pym Kenneth causes bell tower to collapse on him
Mervyn Sawbow Sandford shotgun
Jackson Victor Forsythe unarmed combat
Jackson dies according to the synopsis, there's no other evidence to suggest his death on screen.
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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