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  • title card: white all caps ornate text slightly askew reading 'THE INTERROGATORS' superimposed on Caspar, sitting in  a chair under a bright light surrounded by Mannering, Soo and Blackie who are interrogating him
  • Steed checks to see no-one's watching after entering the red phone box whish is the ssecret door into Mother's office
  • Izzy Pound marches around the quarry practicing his one-man band act. He wears a Union Jack hat with a pheasant feather in it and plays the trumpet and accordion
  • Tara speaks to Mr Puffin, who pokes his head out of a cloud of balloons
  • Tara is interrogated by Mannering and Soo; Toy and Ling Ho stand guard in the background
  • Tara leaps over the mailitary officers, determined to defend Steed from them
  • Steed tries to interrogate Tara with charm - he must know the secret ingredient in her soup!

Series 6 - Episode 13
The Interrogators

Teleplay by Richard Harris and Brian Clemens
Directed by Charles Crichton

Continuity & Trivia

  1. passim. - Colonel Mannering's presumably fake medals are:
    Distinguished Service Order, OBE
    1939-45 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army clasp, Italy Star, France and Germany Star
    Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 with King's Commendation for Brave Conduct oak leaf, Korea Medal, United Nations Service Medal for Korea
    General Service Medal (1918-61), General Service Medal (1962), Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal, Croix de Guerre 1939-1945
    The same medals are worn by Brigadier Hansing in The Morning After.
  2. 1:48 - Lt Roy Caspar's serial number is 22413791. He wears just the two General Service Medal ribbons when in dress uniform.
  3. 2:16 (2:20) - Christopher Lee emerges from a corner of the surgery which was completely empty 20 seconds earlier.
  4. 2:55 - The caption title acetates are very dirty, there's grit and hair all over it.
  5. 3:08 - Steed has an antique 'phone in the Bentley again.
  6. 3:10-3:22 - That's a stand-in for Macnee.
  7. 3:25 - Steed dials 0 to enter Mother's HQ through the 'phone booth.
  8. 3:30 (3:50) - Mother's HQ is hidden, Get Smart style, behind a telephone box.
  9. 8:29 - Yet another visit to the quarry last seen in the previous episode, They Keep Killing Steed.
  10. 11:15 - There's a hair at top right after the guards drag Caspar thruogh the door.
  11. 15:29 - The boom microphone dips alarmingly into shot as Steed stands up from questioning Caspar.
  12. 16:03 - The boom micropohne appears again, waggles about until 16:08 and then you see its shadow on the wall for a few seconds.
  13. 31:22 (32:10) - Tara has been selected to go to Centre 53 to attend TOHE course A7. The documents are covered by Secret Security Sealed Instruction 47, subsection QR4932.
  14. 35:46 - The boom microphone appears again when Tara is introduced to the other officers in the bar.
  15. 44:55-45:00 - one of the officers runs through a door in an army uniform and a couple of seconds later he is wearing a navy uniform.
  16. 46:25 - There's a hair in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  17. 46:46 - You can see a painted backdrop through the French doors.
  18. 47:00 - Steed's bowler has a steel crown this week, deflecting Toy's bayonet.
  19. 47:31 - There's a hair top left as Steed is apprehended by the officers.
  20. 49:50 (51:19) - Steed's intonation "not to give away your secret recipe" is obviously redubbed.
  21. Running time: 50'20"

The Transport

Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. 'Silver Ghost' 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976
Ford van?blue?
Vandenplas PrincessgreyCYT 392C
Austin 1800off whiteNOV 319G
Brantly B-2 helicopterwhite above, dark green belowG-AVCA

Who's Killing Whom?

Wilson Blackie arrow fired from victim's composite bow
Izzy Pound Blackie sniper rifle
Fillington Blackie sniper rifle
Blackie Mr Puffin revolver
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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