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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'THEY KEEP KILLING STEED' (the K is two lines high and serves as the first letter for both of the middle words) superimposed on the dead double of Steed lying next to some black and white photographs of Steed's face
  • Rhonda sits in the sinking rowing boat in a wetsuit, a red phone on the thwart in front of her
  • Perova has put on his face-changing mask and fills the syringe from the vial
  • Nadine's disfigured face after his tranformation failed
  • Tara is backed up against the bridge and, no longer knowing who to trust, points her revolver at Steed
  • Baron von Curt fights off Arcos' men with his saintly swordfighting skills
  • Tara slumps on her sun lounge after the thunder rolls outside - she and Steed are pretending to be at the beach with a pile of sand in the middle of her flat

Series 6 - Episode 12
They Keep Killing Steed

Teleplay by Brian Clemens
Directed by Robert Fuest

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 1:25 - In the extreme long shot, Arcos has already started running towards the taxi, but in the extreme close-up, he's just turned to look.
  2. 1:41 - They finally managed to reuse the set from The Living Dead - recognise those walls and pipes?
  3. 3:25 - Mother and Rhonda are in a rowing boat, same location as BIRD? , Mother answers the 'phone as Rhonda drops the anchor. She then cuttles the boat so they can descend to the submarine below.
  4. 5:14 - Boddy Fuest betrays his Peter Hammond influences in this episodes with shots in reflection, through curtains etc.
  5. 7:45 - The camera zooms in, then bounces out and back in again.
  6. 9:24 - Steed asks to be driven to 14 Wheelwright Street
  7. 11:06 - Gadgetry of the secret services : Steed starts cutting his ropes against the sharp edge of his bowler's rim. He gets through at 12:32.
  8. 20:32 - Surely that's the other side of the door of the butter churn from False Witness!
  9. 22:30 - Is that a slow reprise of theme from Something Nasty In The Nursery?
  10. 31:03 - That's a terrible sculpture! Was Steed being sarcastic when he told Arcos he had great skill?
  11. 31:10 - Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin product placement (instead of the the usual Meudon et Heim).
  12. 32:25 - The same people are walking up the stairs toward sthe house as were doing so at 30:12 - did they leave something in the car? Did they pop out for a gasper? Is this classic recycled footage?
  13. 33:10 - Macnee's eyes flicker when Horsfall touches him with his hand, even though he's supposed to be playing a now-dead doppelganger.
  14. 35:24 - The chairman of the conference is in the conference room, but a split-second earlier he was in the crowd through which Tara and von Curt were passing, along with some of the delegates. (This is more recycled footage, the sequence at 26:22, with Steed moving through the crowd, is almost identical to that at 35:24 when Tara does the same, as well as the sequence at 32:27.
  15. 36:05 (40:00) - the shot of the exploding bomb uses footage of the exploding ammunition shed from Have Guns - Will Haggle.
  16. 40:25 - music from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Station
  17. 41:30 onwards (44:30) - the music during the car chase is from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Station.
  18. 43:06 - Just before Steed reaches the quarry, he turns the same corner he turned back at 42:00.
  19. 44:10 - There's bad camera work in the close up; both Steed and the mask go out of focus, and we have a shot of the out of focus wall between them for a few seconds.
  20. 45:40-45:55 - There's a patch of clay that keeps appearing and disappearing on one of Tara's (Cyd Child's) thighs.
  21. 46:05 - Sadly, given the subject of this episode, the stuntmen playing the two Steeeds are not much like Patrick Macnee.
  22. 48:40 - This shot makes no sense. Why would Arcos turn back into himself?
  23. Running time: 50'14"

The Transport

rowing boatwood-
Mercedes sports carslateNTR 164
Morris Oxford taxigrey with a cream roof?
Morris Oxford taxisea greyGMX 575B
Austin london cab (wrecked)black-
Wolesley 16/60greyFGD 420C
Jaguar S-type saloonblue/grey2556 MZ
Bentley limousinegreyOGJ 631E
Rover P5blackCYM 658C
Bentley limousineblackBYV 441B
Morris Oxford taxiblack?
Triumph 2000blueDHM 243D
Wolesley 16/60two-tone grey?

Who's Killing Whom?

doppelganger Arcos revolver
Nadine - failed plastic surgery
Georgio Mintoff stabbed? (mistaken for Steed)
Perova Mintoff strangled? (mistaken for Steed)
Bowler John Steed shot with his own revolver in a struggle
Mintoff Baron von Curt rapier thrust
Werner Golda impaled on steel rod
Golda Baron von Curt rapier thrust
Arcos Zerson revolver (mistaken for Steed)
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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