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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'NOON DOOMSDAY' - the 'NOON' is vertically aligned and horizontally centred - superimposed on a broken railway station clock whose hour hand has been pushed to 12 o'clock by the revolver held in Grant's gloved hand
  • Lyall and Tara examine the smashed communication equipment
  • Grant practices his sharp-shooting at the abandoned railway station and Farrington looks on in a bored fashion
  • Tara examines Dr Hyde's body at the bottom of the well
  • Kafka's helicopter lands in the field near the skull and crossbones signs marking the minefield
  • Steed aims the harpoon gun inside his crutch
  • Tara examines the gemstone attached by a ribbon to a bottle of champagne - a gift from Steed, who stands behind her

Series 6 - Episode 9
Noon Doomsday

Teleplay by Terry Nation
Directed by Peter Sykes

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 4:25 - Steed has gone to "Department S" to recover. An in-joke or coincidence with Peter Wyngarde's television show?
  2. 5:54 - Mother says, "Countdown starting now", and the camera pans across a row of glasses with decreasing amounts of drink in them.
  3. 12:28 - There's a hair at the top right of the screen in the close-up of Carson.
  4. 15:00 - Steed says, "June 19, seven years ago" - that would put it in 1961, between the cases The Yellow Needle and Death on the Slipway.
  5. 22:39 - Kafka is referred to as having been the "Head of Murder International" - is that a tie in with Intercrime as well?
  6. 24:00 (24:20) - Discussing their predicament, Steed says there's someone in the facility with the only gun in the area and the key to the defences - but at the end of the episode he fires a gun at Kafka that's hidden in his crutch.
  7. 25:05 - That's not John Glyn-Jones down the well!
  8. 26:15 - Music from Never, Never Say Die plays as Tara tries to climb back out of the well.
  9. 34:21-35:02 - The clock reads 11:44 as Steed picks up the gun and checks it, but it's 11:52 two seconds later in the close-up of the clock after he turns to check the time.
  10. 37:10 (38:35) - the poor horses are greatly frightened by the arrival of the helicopter.
  11. 38:02 - Tara puts two sugar cubes in Steed's tea cup when she makes his tea.
  12. 39:19 - The clock reads 11:59am but a few moments later [39:47 (41:34)], the clock says it's 12:04pm - not quite Noon!
  13. 41:18 - Mariachi music plays when Tara attacks Grant at the barn.
  14. 44:57 (46:10) - The fanfare from Murdersville is played as Tara emerges after killing Grant.
  15. Running time: 50'03"
  16. The episode was mostly filmed at Brian Clemens' farm, Park Farm, at Ampthill.

The Transport

Austin Taxiblack?
helicopter FP?buffG-AVUM

Who's Killing Whom?

Giles Cornwall Dr. Carson crushed by a cartwheel
Dr. Hyde Dr. Carson revolver
Dr. Carson Tara shot by his revolver during a fight
Grant Tara revolver
Farrington Tara throwing knife
Kafka Steed spear gun hidden in crutch
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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