• title card: white all caps text reading ‘NOON DOOMSDAY’ - the ‘NOON’ is vertically aligned and horizontally centred - superimposed on a broken railway station clock whose hour hand has been pushed to 12 o’clock by the revolver held in Grant’s gloved hand
  • Lyall and Tara examine the smashed communication equipment
  • Grant practices his sharp-shooting at the abandoned railway station and Farrington looks on in a bored fashion
  • Tara examines Dr. Hyde’s body at the bottom of the well
  • Kafka’s helicopter lands in the field near the skull and crossbones signs marking the minefield
  • Steed aims the harpoon gun inside his crutch
  • Tara examines the gemstone attached by a ribbon to a bottle of champagne - a gift from Steed, who stands behind her

Series 6 — Episode 9
Noon Doomsday

Teleplay by Terry Nation
Directed by Peter Sykes

Production No E.67.9.13
Production completed: July 30 1968. First UK transmission: November 27 1968. First transmission (USA): October 28 1968.

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