• title card: red all caps text reading 'ALL DONE WITH MIRRORS' superimposed on an orange screen in which we can barely see Arkin lying dead because of the sunlight flaring off his mirror
  • Guthrie stands on the cliff-edge, his hands raised in surrender. His spectacles, near us  on the glass, distort the view so there two minature reflections of him in each lens
  • Tara fights Gozzo on the lawn
  • Mother's office is in a swimming pool - he sits, wearing a suit and tie, on a clear plastic inflatable chair while two floating tables flank him - on the left are four telephones, on the right an assortment of decanters of alcohol and a soda siphon
  • Tara's hand appears, clawing at a rock as she tries to pull herself from the raging surf at the base of the cliff
  • Tara drops to one knee as she burst into the room at the bottom of the stairs, revolver in hand
  • Tara and Steed prepare to have lunch at a table in the middle of a field - he wears a tuxedo, she wears a black sequined blouse

Series 6 - Episode 7
All Done with Mirrors

Teleplay by Leigh Vance
Directed by Ray Austin

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 3:11 - There's dust and hair on the caption scanner when the credits come up under the titles
  2. 3:40-4:20 (4:00) - This episode must have been meant as the first episode of the season, as Rhonda is introduced to Steed for the first time, and Steed has reservations about giving the assignment to Tara; Mother describes sending in female agents as "a new, intuitive approach to things".
  3. 4:56 (4:30) - Steed declares, "I'm innocent, entirely innocent!" Tara takes one look at the bikini-clad girls and says, "Yes, but for how long?"
  4. passim. - Carmoadoc is presumably in Wales.
  5. 8:02 et passim. - The wall decorations from Split! & My Wildest Dream are on the rotating arms of the device in the centre of the establishment, as well as on the walls.
  6. 8:30 - Linda Thorson slips into her native Canadian accent briefly.
  7. 12:26 - (12:00) - Gozzo's approach to Williams' house is accompanied by Laurie Johnson's "March of the Cybernauts" and Gozzo had not been seen yet, so a viewer might have expected him to be a cybernaut.
  8. 14:09 - Linda Thorson does some of her own stunts in the fight against Gozzo, notably the first flying kick over the car.
  9. 15:04 (14:30) - When Cyd Child puts in the final kick to send Gozzo into the shed, she falls backwards but a second later with the change of angle Linda Thorson resumes the role of Tara and is standing up, arms in a karate pose.
  10. 15:32 - Tara walks away at the end of the fight with no mud on here trousers, despite having been marked quite a lot during the fight.
  11. 16:06 - Seligmann's view through the binoculars is an identical shot to Tara's view of the lighthouse moments earlier (presumably either side of the commercial break).
  12. 23:59 - there's a big wad of threads at the top left just as the vision switches to the extreme close-up of the Colonel looking throught the telescope. When the vision switches to Tara entering the lamp room, it becomes a few tangled threads stuck in the corner; they disappear briefly at the camera switch to Tara and Barlow's close-ups at 24:14, 24:19, 24:22, returning whenever the Colonel is in close-up, or there's a mid-shot. It disappears completely at 24:52.
  13. 25:42 (25:23) - Tara swings the telescope, which had been pointing at the sea, to the right to view the cliffs, but the cliff-edge in question was to the left.
  14. 25:44 - There appears to be a big dent in the side of the telescope.
  15. 43:15 - Joe Dunne stands up then continues his roll down the stairs.
  16. 46:00 - There's colour shift in the back projection sequence when Steed is driving.
  17. Running time: 49'27"
  18. Sparshott's medals: Military Cross, Korea Medal, United Nations Service Medal for Korea, Africa General Service Medal, General Service Medal 1918-62, General Service Medal 1962, Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Medal

Production notes

  1. This must have been quite an expensive episode to produce, there's tons of location filming and the lighthouse sets would have been specially built.
  2. Ray Austin seems to be emulating Peter Hammond with his choice of shots.

The Transport

MG 1100redMOK 888F
MGBpale blue?
Jaguar Mark 9greyAOR 556C
Mini Moke flatbeddark greenLYP 794D
Humber taxidark greyWDR 756
Triumph T120 motorbikesilver and red578 EJH (FJH?)
Mini Moke flatbeddark green... 215E
Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. 'Silver Ghost' 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976

Who's Killing Whom?

Arkin Roger pistol
Roger Markin sniper rifle
Guthrie Markin forced off cliff
Williams Gozzo beaten
Seligman Markin sniper rifle
Gozzo Tara unarmed combat, fell onto rake
Thug Tara shot by own gun when slammed in door
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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