• title card: red all caps text reading 'ALL DONE WITH MIRRORS' superimposed on an orange screen in which we can barely see Arkin lying dead because of the sunlight flaring off his mirror
  • Guthrie stands on the cliff-edge, his hands raised in surrender. His spectacles, near us  on the glass, distort the view so there two minature reflections of him in each lens
  • Tara fights Gozzo on the lawn
  • Mother's office is in a swimming pool - he sits, wearing a suit and tie, on a clear plastic inflatable chair while two floating tables flank him - on the left are four telephones, on the right an assortment of decanters of alcohol and a soda siphon
  • Tara's hand appears, clawing at a rock as she tries to pull herself from the raging surf at the base of the cliff
  • Tara drops to one knee as she burst into the room at the bottom of the stairs, revolver in hand
  • Tara and Steed prepare to have lunch at a table in the middle of a field - he wears a tuxedo, she wears a black sequined blouse

Series 6 - Episode 7
All Done with Mirrors

Teleplay by Leigh Vance
Directed by Ray Austin


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Tara King Linda Thorson regularThe Saint
Watney Dinsdale Landen New AvengersDoctor WhoJason King
Major Sparshott Peter Copley regularNew AvengersDoctor WhoDangermanCallanDepartment SThe SaintThe Champions
Timothy Barlow Edwin Richfield regularDoctor WhoDangermanUFOAdam Adamant
Col. Withers Michael Trubshawe regularDangermanPink Panther
Mother Patrick Newell regularDoctor WhoDangermanRandall and Hopkirk
Pandora Marshall Joanna Jones regularJason KingDepartment S
Miss Emily Nora Nicholson regularDangermanThe Saint
Professor Carswell Tenniel Evans regularDoctor WhoThe SaintRandall and Hopkirk
Miss Tiddiman Liane Aukin
Dr Seligman Anthony Dutton regularDepartment S
Kettridge Peter Thomas regularDoctor WhoDepartment S
Markin Graham Ashley regularDangermanDoctor WhoStar Wars
the real Colonel Michael Nightingale regularPink PantherUFODangermanThe PrisonerCarry On..
the real Barlow Robert Sidaway Doctor Who
Guthrie Desmond Jordan
Frederick Williams David Grey regularDoctor WhoPolice Surgeon
Arkin Peter Elliott The Saint
Roger John Bown Blake's 7The Saint
Rhonda Rhonda Parker regularSpace 1999
Blonde Girl unknown
Brunette Girl unknown
Gozzo Bruno Elrington New Avengers
Guard unknown
Guard unknown
Guard Harry Fielder regularDoctor WhoBlake's 7Indiana JonesThe ProfessionalsStar WarsThe ChampionsSpace 1999The SweeneyPink PantherCarry On..Randall and HopkirkThe Saint
Guard Maxwell Craig regularNew AvengersNew Avengers regular007Doctor WhoThe SaintThe PrisonerThe SweeneyPink PantherUFOSpace 1999Carry On..
Taxi driver unknown
Sweeno Joe Dunne regularNew Avengers007The ProfessionalsThe PrisonerPink PantherSpace 1999Randall and Hopkirk
Thug Paul Weston regular007Indiana JonesStar WarsSpace 1999Blake's 7
Scientist unknown

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