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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'FALSE WITNESS' superimposed on a view up a London Street. Melville walks away upscreen and we can see Penman's legs sticking out from behind a red telephone box
  • In a quiet suburban street, Steed sets up his own personal bus stop. His yellow Rolls Royce and a soon-to-be-confused commuter in the background
  • Lord Edgefield smirks as he knows the witness will not testify
  • A view inside Mother's 'office' on the top deck of a Routemaster bus
  • Tara is soscked to the skin and milk pours off her face as she fights Sloman in the vat of milk
  • The steel butter machine, with Tara trapped inside, pressed against one of the wedge-shaped windows
  • Tara stands in the background, surprised to find Steed trying to use up the left-over butter om a mountain of toast

Series 6 - Episode 6
False Witness

Teleplay by Jeremy Burnham
Directed by Charles Crichton

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 1:30 The music is from Escape in Time.
  2. 3:10-3:21 (2:50-3:00) - The street corner with the 'phone booth is unsignposted - presumably removed by the crew - except for the couple of seconds [2:50-2:55] when Melville steps from the booth and walks off when it reads MACKENNAL STREET, NW8 (which is just north of Regent's Park). It's gone again when Penman passes the booth at 3:21 (3:00).
  3. 4:40 - Steed declares, "It's Mothers' Day!" - which places this episode on Sunday March 24th '68 (the episode was filmed in July 1968).
  4. 5:52 et passim. - To back up Steed, the double decker bus has "Remember Mothers' Day" posters on the side.
  5. 5:52 et passim. - Mother's office is in a double decker bus in this episode, an idea that appears in the misguided feature film version of "The Avengers".
  6. 6:33 - Mother utters some dreadful Sixties faux "Chinese" while on the 'phone.
  7. 7:15-7:35 - Sleazy Steed : Steed very unsubtly checks out Rhonda from head to toe, both times she walks down the bus to hand him something.
  8. 10:26 - Plummer's flat reappears in The Interrogators as Caspar's flat
  9. 19:27 (21:00) - The silhouette version of the painting from From Venus with Love hangs sideways on Lord Edgefield's wall.
  10. 21:40 - That's not Patrick Macnee running through the basement!
  11. 32:10 - The stunt double for John Bennett is not much like him!
  12. 33:51 - The signpost beside the telephone box points the way to Radlett.
  13. 34:06 - Tara's strange 'phone call to Sir Joseph:
    TARA: Sir Joseph!
    SIR JOSEPH: Yes, Miss King?
    TARA: This is very unimportant!
    SIR JOSEPH: Well don't bother me now, I'm very busy.
    TARA: I don't want to warn you!
    SIR JOSEPH: I beg your pardon?
    TARA: Whatever you do, don't be careful.
    SIR JOSEPH: Look, er, you're wasting my time Miss King (HE HANGS UP)
    TARA: Sir Joseph?!
  14. 38:57 - Tara's desperate note reads: "The milk is harmless".
  15. 41:37 - This is the only time that Rhonda ever makes a sound - she whistles loudly to call Gould up the stairsa of the bus.
  16. 42:08 - Tara makes an almost identical whistle a few moments laters - were they dubbed in sound effects?
  17. 47:25 etc. - The stuntmen barely resemble the actors.
  18. Running time : 50'14"

The Transport

MGBpale lemonUGP 738F
Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. 'Silver Ghost' 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976
Morris Minor convertiblegrey, brown hood600 CPU
London bus (707 to Piccadilly Circus)post office redOLD 666
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Islate greyGJJ 738C
Milk Floatoff whiteKWC 739
Milk Floatoff whiteFGY 235
Lotus EuroparedPPW 999F

Who's Killing Whom?

Penman Brayshaw pistol
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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