• title card: red all caps text with black dropshadow to the right reading 'WHOEVER SHOT POOR GEORGE OBLIQUE STROKE XR40?' superimposed on a paper tape coming out of a computer's output port
  • Ardmore 'operates' on George, whose quasi-anthropomorhpic casing lies on a surgical gurney under an operating lamp, Tobin stands behind him and they are flanked by the two nurses; all are wearing white surgical gowns, caps and masks
  • Tobin gloats as he pours acid into George
  • Close-up: Ardmore examines George's memory board
  • Steed and Ardmore read out the messages generated from George by Pelley's equations - pleas for help
  • A view down the stairs to the basement, where the butler and chauffeur are chained to an old bed
  • Tara and Steed stare through the smoke of the explosion cased by mixing the perfect cocktail from a recipe devised by George Oblique Stroke XR40

Series 6 - Episode 5
Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?

Teleplay by Tony Williamson
Directed by Cyril Frankel


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Tara King Linda Thorson regularThe Saint
Jason Dennis Price
Sir Wilfred Pelley Clifford Evans regularThe PrisonerThe SaintRandall and HopkirkThe ChampionsJason King
Loris Judy Parfitt regularThe SaintAdam Adamant
Dr Ardmore Anthony Nicholls regularThe SaintThe ChampionsSpace 1999CallanDepartment S
Tobin Frank Windsor Doctor WhoRandall and Hopkirk
Baines Adrian Ropes regularRandall and Hopkirk
Anaesthetist Arthur Cox regularDoctor WhoThe SweeneyUFO
Keller Tony Wright The Saint
Jacobs John Porter-Davison The ChampionsDepartment S
Jill Jacky Allouis
Betty Valerie Leon 007The SaintCarry On..Space 1999
Guard unknown
Doctor unknown
Doctor Alan Harris regular007Star WarsSpace 1999UFOCarry On..
Receptionist unknown
Imprisoned Butler Victor Harrington regularThe Saint007Randall and HopkirkThe SweeneyCarry On..
Imprisoned Chauffeur unknown

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