• title card: white all caps text thickly outlined in black reading ‘SPLIT!’ superimposed on a buff piece of paper covered in handwriting that becomes progressively messier and stranger
  • sign at the graphologists - a false magnification of some text: ‘The study of graphology is [..ent one] The art of reading up strokes together also the reading [of] down strokes [in combin]ation and interpreting wiggly lines’
  • Mercer’s hand cramps into a claw as he writes his report
  • Hinnel chloroforms Tara as his henchman grabs her by the neck
  • Tara and Kartovski lie on two gurneys (he lies on ice) in Constantine’s red, white and black laboratory, both attached to the mind transferring machine as Dr. Constantine gloats at Tara
  • Steed grabs Hinnell’s gun hand as they fight in the laboratory
  • Tara, wearing a pale pink dress and headscarf, puts her hand on Steed’s shoulder

Series 6 — Episode 4

Teleplay by Brian Clemens
Directed by Roy Baker

Production No E.66.6.28 / E.67.9.2
Production completed: February 12 1968. First transmission: October 23 1968. First transmission (USA): April 10 1968.


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Tara King Linda Thorson regularThe Saint
Lord Barnes Nigel Davenport regularThe Saint
Major Peter Rooke Julian Glover regularDoctor Who007Blake’s 7The SaintThe ChampionsIndiana JonesStar WarsSpace 1999The SweeneyCallanJason King
Dr. Constantine Bernard Archard regularDoctor WhoDanger ManThe ProfessionalsDad’s ArmyCallanPolice Surgeon
Hinnell John G. Heller regularDanger ManThe SaintPink PantherThe Sweeney
Petra Jayne Sofiano The Saint
Boris Kartovski Steven Scott regularDoctor WhoThe SaintCarry On..
Harry Mercer Maurice Good regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Frank Compton Iain Anders
Swindin Christopher Benjamin regularDoctor WhoDanger ManThe PrisonerThe SaintJason King
The Butler (Miller) John Kidd regular
Morrell Terry Maidment regular007The SaintPink Panther
Guard Tony O’Leary regular007Doctor WhoThe SaintThe ChampionsCarry On..
Guard unknown
Guard Bill Burns regularThe SaintAdam AdamantThe Champions
Guard Lee Fenton regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Guard John Ryan
Guard unknown
Guard Harry Fielder regularDoctor WhoBlake’s 7Indiana JonesThe ProfessionalsStar WarsThe ChampionsSpace 1999The SweeneyPink PantherCarry On..Randall and HopkirkThe Saint
Guard unknown
Guard unknown
Ambulanceman unknown
Ambulanceman unknown
Orderly Bob Bryan regularDanger Man
Credits Legend:
Credited but not listed in press
Credited in press but not on screen
Credited in paperwork only
Uncredited / unattributed role
Crew: 90% opacity
® : illustrated from other sources

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