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  • title card: white all caps text thickly outlined in black reading 'YOU'LL CATCH YOUR DEATH' superimposed on Camrose's hand holding the fatal envelope
  • Matron stands behind an x-ray viewer, showing a chest x-ray
  • Preece and Dexter capture Tara with the aid of some choloroform
  • A view through the narrow window of a reinforced cell door - Tara in a red suit & tie holds her head as she sits on the bed
  • Two of the miserable cold and flu test subjects sit shivering in their dressing gowns
  • Steed and Dr Fawcett inspect the envelope while wearing gas masks
  • Tara and Steed cough and splutter, and soak their feet in bowls of hold water as a cold takes them

Series 6 - Episode 3
You'll Catch Your Death

Teleplay by Jeremy Burnham
Directed by Paul Dickson

Continuity & Trivia

  1. 2:57 - Dr. H. R. Camrose FRCS had his practice at 1 Cumberland Gardens, London, SW1
  2. 4:10, 14:20, 14:33, 15:00, 30:19 - Back projection colour shift - sometimes wildly, with Tara's yellow coat turning lavender in one scene!
  3. 9:00 (bluray) - Tara sniffs the envelope but is not killed
  4. 10:16 - Maidwell confesses that the suspect envelope is from their mass market range, "Cream Wove Bond". He laments that it is "common in every way".
  5. 13:38-13:43 - Henry Mcgee is deliciously deadpan as he flips back and forth through the order book when reading out "Tha Anastasia / Nursing Academy".
  6. 17:27 - There's an old man lurking in a doorway across the street from Steed's flat - he looks like he's been told to keep out of shot and peeps out from behind one of the statuettes.
  7. 17:55 - Looks like a product placement for the Pellegrini cola Tara is drinking, but we never clearly see the label...
  8. 18:40-18:50 - Excellent cutting in and out of Cyd Child's stunt work.
  9. 18:45 - Tara is chloroformed by Dexter and Preece.
  10. 23:57 - The music used in this scene is from Death at Bargain Prices and the sofa is from Steed's flat in Series 4.
  11. 28:00 - The "deep freeze rooms" wouldn't work - people don't catch colds from being cold, colds are virus infections, although it's true that cold reduces a person's resistance to virii they aleady have in their system.
  12. 29:43 - Sleazy Steed: Glover describes Anastasia Nurses as "only the best" and Steed replies, after looking the departing nurse up and down, "I can see that".
  13. 33:55 - Mother reports in to "Grandma" who clearly gives him an earful for mis-managing the case.
  14. 35:05 - Mother's red phone requires the user to "speak fluent Swahili" - a hot line to Milton Obote, Julius Nyerere or Mzee Jomo Kenyatta?
  15. 35:48 etc. - you can see the join in the set floor every time there's a close-up of the envelope on the floor.
  16. 42:14 - The letter reveals that Colonel Timothy's home, Walsingham House, is in Turbridge, Berkshire.
  17. 42:55 - Tara is not allergic to caviar, champagne, oysters or quail, but is allergic to ragweed.
  18. 42:56 - Glover is checking Tara's upper arm in the mid shot, but the close-up has the magnifying glass going along her forearm.
  19. 45:07 (46:40) - in the long shot, Timothy lowers his gun when first ordered to drop it by Glover, but when we cut to the close-up he has it raised again, and is ordered to drop it again.
  20. 47:10 - Steed gives Tara Aunty Ermintrude's patent cold cure remedy - and then reveals that Ermintrude died of a common cold.
  21. Running time: 49'16"

Cast notes

  1. Jennifer Clulow, appearing here as the secretary for Padley, Herrick and Seaton, went on to be a LWT Continuity presenter.

The Transport

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 3sea greyCDK 978C
Rolls Royce Phantom IV?pale greySXL 999
Rolls-Royce 40/50 h.p. 'Silver Ghost' 1923 H.J.Mulliner tourer (chassis number 46LK)pale lemonKK 4976
AC 428 FruamaroonLPH 800D
Wolesley 1100slate greyMOK 888F

Who's Killing Whom?

Camrose Preece virus-filled letter
Padley Preece virus-filled letter
Seaton Preece virus-filled letter
Herrick Preece virus-filled letter
Glover John Steed virus-filled letter
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The Fashions

Tara Steed

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