• title card: red all caps text reading 'SUPER SECRET CYPHER SNATCH' superimposed on a typewritten page headed CYPHERS - ABSOLUTELY TOP SECURITY NOT TO BE TAKEN AWAY FROM CYPHER H.Q.
  • Vickers, dressed in his Classy Glass Cleaning uniform of all white including his bowler hat, points a silenced pistol through the window towards the camera
  • The Classy Glass Cleaning trainees practice polishing windows anti-clockwise
  • Steed drives his Rolls hunched over the wheel, trying to avoid the ladder being smashed down at him by Maskin, riding atop the cleaning van behind him
  • The Classy Glass cleaners wear gasmasks as they infiltrate the gassed Cypher HQ, the staff frozen in their tracks
  • A window cleaner has an 'out' tray smashed over his head and crosses his eyes in comic fashion
  • Steed dangles a pocket watch from his hand, attempting to hypnotise Tara

Series 6 - Episode 2
Super Secret Cypher Snatch

Teleplay by Tony Williamson
Directed by John Hough


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Tara King Linda Thorson regularThe Saint
Webster Allan Cuthbertson regularDangermanThe SaintThe ChampionsJason KingUFOCallan
Ferret Ivor Dean regularRandall and HopkirkThe SaintCallanJason King
Myra Angela Scoular Doctor Who
Mother Patrick Newell regularDoctor WhoDangermanRandall and Hopkirk
Maskin Simon Oates regularThe ProfessionalsDepartment SJason King
Vickers Donald Gee Doctor Who
Peters John Carlisle
Lather Nicholas Smith regularThe SaintDoctor WhoThe SweeneyThe Champions
1st Guard (Masters) Alec Ross regularDoctor Who
2nd Guard Lionel Wheeler
Betty Anne Rutter regular
Roger Jarret Clifford Earl regularDoctor WhoDangermanThe Professionals007The SaintDepartment SJason King
Fred Davis Anthony Blackshaw regular007The SaintAdam Adamant
Wilson David Quilter Blake's 7
Rhonda Rhonda Parker regularSpace 1999
Guard unknown
Guard unknown
Guard unknown
Guard unknown
Guard unknown
Agent Fred Haggerty regularDoctor Who007The PrisonerBlake's 7Pink PantherThe Saint
Clerk unknown
Clerk unknown
Clerk unknown
Clerk Robert Clarke regular
Warren Arthur Howell regular007Star Wars
James Jonathan Newth Doctor WhoThe ProfessionalsThe ChampionsCallanCarry On..
Wilson unknown
Window cleaner Ken Buckle 007
Window cleaner Frank Barringer regular
Window cleaner Paddy Ryan regularDoctor Who007Randall and HopkirkAdam Adamant
Window cleaner Billy Cornelius regularDoctor WhoCarry On..Callan
Window cleaner unknown
Window cleaner Mike Stevens regular007Star WarsThe SaintRandall and HopkirkUFOCarry On..Space 1999
Window cleaner unknown
Window cleaner unknown
Clerk leaving building unknown
Clerk leaving building unknown

Peter Elliott and Jonathan Newth are also listed in the production paperwork for this episode, but I haven't been able to identify them yet.

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