• title card: white all caps text reading 'THE FORGET-ME-KNOT' superimposed on a knotted handkerchief lying forgotten on the seat of a taxi
  • Burton peers out from his false tree hide and admonishes Tara King for tackling Steed
  • Emma and Mortimer wake up in the disused 'Glass House' factory and wonder who and where they are
  • Tara is surprised when Steed leaps out behind her when she returns home
  • Mortimer poses strangely and pulls a face in order to distract their captors so Mrs Peel can overcome them
  • Emma peers around a brick pillar and firest the amnesia dart gun
  • video - Emma's husband has been found alive in the jungle and she lightly kisses Steed on the cheek as they say a sad goodbye to each other; Steed is astonished to discover he looks exactly like her husband

Series 5 - Episode 25
The Forget-Me-Knot

6½ stars

by Brian Clemens
Directed by James Hill


Produced by Albert Fennell regular New Avengers The Professionals
and Brian Clemens regular New Avengers Dangerman The Champions The Professionals Adam Adamant
Directed by James Hill regular New Avengers The Saint
Teleplay by Brian Clemens regular New Avengers Dangerman The Champions The Professionals Adam Adamant
Executive in Charge of Production Gordon L.T. Scott regular
All characters and events in this teleplay are fictitious and any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely co-incidental.
Music by Laurie Johnson regular New Avengers The Professionals Jason King
Production Controller Jack Greenwood regular
Production Designer Robert Jones regular
Director of Photography Gilbert Taylor regular Department S Star Wars (billed as Gilbert Taylor B.S.C.)
Post-production Co-ordinator Harry Booth regular
Supervising Editor Manuel del Campo regular
Production Manager Ron Fry regular New Avengers Doctor Who Space 1999
Consultant to the series Juilan Wintle regular
Story Consultant Philip Levene regular
Principal items of Mr Macnee's wardrobe designed by Pierre Cardin regular
Miss Rigg's costumes designed by Alun Hughes regular
Miss Thorson's costumes designed by Harvey Gould regular
Casting Director G.B. Walker regular The Saint
Unit Manager Laurie Greenwood regular The Sweeney
Assistant Director Ron Appleton regular UFO
Camera Operator Brian Elvin regular The Professionals Department S
Associate Art Director Len Townsend regular
Set Dresser Kenneth Tait regular Department S
Continuity June Randall regular 007 The Saint
Make-up Jim Hydes regular Carry On.. (billed as Jim Hyde)
Hairdressing Gordon Bond regular
Wardrobe Felix Evans regular
2nd Unit Director John Hough regular The Champions Carry On..
2nd Unit Lighting Cameraman Jimmy Harvey regular The Champions (billed as Jimmy Harvey B.S.C.)
Recording Director A.W. Lumkin regular The Saint
Sound Recordist Cecil Mason regular The Saint
Dubbing Mixer Len Shilton regular The Champions The Saint Department S
Sound Editor Peter Lennard regular New Avengers The Professionals Randall and Hopkirk Department S
Music Editor Karen Heward regular
Construction Manager Herbert Worley regular
Supervisory Electrician Steve Birtles regular The Saint
Stunt Arranger Joe Dunne regular New Avengers 007 The Professionals The Prisoner Pink Panther Space 1999 Randall and Hopkirk
© MCMLXVIII A.B.C. Television Films Limited All rights reserved

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