• title card: white all caps text reading 'THE FORGET-ME-KNOT' superimposed on a knotted handkerchief lying forgotten on the seat of a taxi
  • Burton peers out from his false tree hide and admonishes Tara King for tackling Steed
  • Emma and Mortimer wake up in the disused 'Glass House' factory and wonder who and where they are
  • Tara is surprised when Steed leaps out behind her when she returns home
  • Mortimer poses strangely and pulls a face in order to distract their captors so Mrs Peel can overcome them
  • Emma peers around a brick pillar and firest the amnesia dart gun
  • video - Emma's husband has been found alive in the jungle and she lightly kisses Steed on the cheek as they say a sad goodbye to each other; Steed is astonished to discover he looks exactly like her husband

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