• title card: white all caps text outlined in black reading ‘THE POSITIVE NEGATIVE MAN’ superimposed on Dr. Grey embedded in the plaster of the wall
  • Cynthia takes the key to the safe from her stocking top
  • A close-up of Steed security Priority Pass, hidden inside his bowler hat
  • Haworth’s high-charged finger touches the barbed wire of the fence, sparks flying everywhere as the charge is tranferrred to the wire
  • Emma is tied to a table in her orange catsuit, as Dr. Creswell Haworth explain their plot while Creswell sprays Haworth with an insulating compound
  • Emma kicks Haworth away, her white rubber boot preventing her from being electrocuted
  • video - Steed and Emma become magnetised and are unable to pull away from his car ... or each other

Series 5 — Episode 22
The Positive Negative Man

by Tony Williamson
Directed by Robert Day

Steed makes the sparks fly
Emma gets switched on

Production No E.66.6.22
Production completed: August 18 1967. First transmission: November 1 1967.

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