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  • title card: white all caps text with black dropshadow to the top left reading 'DEATH'S DOOR' superimposed on a closed, ornate oak door inside an ornate marble jamb with 'CONFERENCE ROOM' painted in gold
  • Steed's Bentley hurtles down Spout Hill toward an oncoming van, the brakes having failed
  • Inside the blue warehouse, Melford panics as he faces an outsized calendar showing FRIDAY 13
  • Becker takes aim with a rifle, has just asked him to replace
  • The villainous chauffeur Jepson is easily defeated by Mrs Peel's karate skills
  • Emma stands in the blue warehouse wearing a green catsuit with lace-up sleeves, her arms are crossed and she holds a pistol in her right hand, pointed over over her left shoulder at a sign that reads SPOUT HILL. A stocking is over her head and she tops her outfit with a black bowler at a jaunty angle
  • video - Steed wakes from a dream to find that Mrs Peel mysteriously knows the exact theatre tickets he's booked them

Series 5 - Episode 18
Death's Door

8½ stars

by Philip Levene
Directed by Sidney Hayers

Steed relives a nightmare
Emma sees daylight


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Emma Peel Diana Rigg regularNew Avengers007
Sir Andrew Boyd Clifford Evans regularThe PrisonerThe SaintRandall and HopkirkThe ChampionsJason King
Stapley William Lucas regularDoctor WhoDangermanThe Saint
George, Lord Melford Allan Cuthbertson regularDangermanThe SaintThe ChampionsJason KingUFOCallan
Alfred Becker Marne Maitland Dangerman007The SaintThe ChampionsPink PantherCallanDepartment S
Dr Evans Paul Dawkins regularThe ProfessionalsDad's Army
Pavret Michael Faure
Saunders Peter Thomas regularDoctor WhoDepartment S
Dalby William Lyon Brown regularThe Prisoner
Haynes Terry Yorke regularThe PrisonerThe ProfessionalsThe SaintPink Panther
Jepson Terry Maidment regular007The SaintPink Panther
Diplomat unknown
Diplomat Paddy Smith regular007The Saint
Diplomat Pat Ryan regular007DangermanThe SaintThe SweeneyCarry On..
Diplomat Emil Stemmler regularDangermanThe SaintCarry On..
Diplomat Gerry Judge regular
Diplomat Robert Clarke regular
Diplomat Eric Wetherell The Saint
Diplomat unknown
Diplomat John Preston The Saint007The PrisonerCallan
Diplomat Royston Farrell regularDoctor Who
Diplomat Richard Nellor regular
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer Bob Wright Carry On..
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Journalist unknown
Journalist Alan Harris regular007Star WarsSpace 1999UFOCarry On..
Journalist unknown
British delegate Ian Selby regularDangermanThe SaintCarry On..
British delegate Ron Gregory 007Doctor WhoThe SaintPink Panther
British delegate unknown
British delegate Eden Fox Callan
Cyclist Cliff Diggins regular007Blake's 7The SweeneySpace 1999
Bumbling deliveryman unknown
Bumbling deliveryman unknown
Road worker unknown
Road worker unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer Philip Johns regular
Photographer Roy Beck regular007The SaintThe PrisonerUFOThe ChampionsCarry On..
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Photographer Victor Chapman regular007The SaintThe PrisonerRandall and HopkirkPink PantherCarry On..
Photographer unknown
Photographer unknown
Portuguese observer Pat Halpin regular007DangermanThe PrisonerThe SaintCallanCarry On..
Journalist unknown
Journalist Paul Weston regular007Indiana JonesStar WarsSpace 1999Blake's 7
Journalist Sonnie Willis regularDoctor WhoDangermanThe Sweeney
Bureaucrat Paul Phillips regularThe SaintThe Prisoner
Journalist Bill Strange Doctor WhoDangermanThe SaintCarry On..<
Journalist unknown
Romanian observer unknown regular
Diplomat Fred Peck regularCarry On..The SaintDad's Army
Diplomat Fred Davis DangermanThe SaintThe PrisonerCallan
Diplomat Vernon Duke regular

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