• title card: white all caps text reading 'WHO'S WHO???' superimposed on a low angle view of the enormously long stilt legs of the dead Hooper, perched up on a stack of crates in a warehouse
  • subtitle card: white all caps text reading 'STEED GOES OUT OF HIS MIND
					EMMA IS BESIDE HERSELF' superimposed on a low angle view of the enormously long stilt legs of the dead Hooper, perched up on a stack of crates in a warehouse
  • Youtube video - Emma checks her appearance in the mirror; when she moves away, Steed appears in it and softly intones, 'We're needed!'
  • Colonel B stands in his patriotically decorated office, the wall painted as a Union Jack; a row of flowers in vases across his desk represents his field agents
  • Lola, inhabiting Emma's body, dances around Steed's flat to some jazzy pop while Steed claps the beat
  • Basil-Steed aims a pistol in a very un-Steed like action
  • Steed-Basil tries on 'his best bowler', only to discover that his current head is smaller than Steed's
  • Emma-Lola begs Krelmar to 'switch her back', tricking him by saying that she is Lola - both women sit in the mind transfer machine with a metal hood over their heads, the controls of the machine sit between them
  • Youtube video - Steed drops by Emma's place to find it filled with flowers, he pretends to not know it's her birthday and then produces tickets to Paris

Series 5 - Episode 16
Who's Who???

8 stars

by Philip Levene
Directed by John Moxey

Steed goes out of his mind
Emma is beside herself


Produced by Albert Fennell regularThe Professionals
and Brian Clemens regularDangermanThe ChampionsThe ProfessionalsAdam Adamant
Executive Producer Juilan Wintle regular
Directed by John Moxey The Saint
Teleplay by Philip Levene regular
All characters and events in this teleplay are fictitious and any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely co-incidental.
Music by Laurie Johnson regularThe ProfessionalsJason King
Production Controller Jack Greenwood regular
Production Designer Robert Jones regular
Director of Photography Ernest Steward regularCarry On..Callan (Ernest Steward B.S.C.)
Supervising Editor Peter Tanner regular
Production Manager Geoffrey Haine regularThe Champions
Principal items of Mr Macnee's wardrobe designed by Pierre Cardin regular
Miss Rigg's costumes designed by Alun Hughes regular
Casting Director G.B. Walker regularThe Saint
Unit Manager Richard Dalton regular
Unit Manager Laurie Greenwood regularThe Sweeney
Assistant Director Ron Purdie regularThe Professionals
Camera Operator James Bawden regularCarry On..
Art Director Len Townsend regular
Continuity Doreen Soan regular007Pink PantherThe SweeneyUFOSpace 1999Jason King
Hairdressing Jeanette Freeman regular007The SaintPink PantherSpace 1999
Make-up Jim Hydes regularCarry On.. (billed as Jim Hyde)
Wardrobe Jean Fairlie regularUFO
Editor Tony Selwyn
Recording Director A.W. Lumkin regularThe Saint
Sound Recordist Ken Rawkins regularUFO
Dubbing Mixer Len Abbott regularThe ChampionsThe SaintDepartment S
Sound Editor Jack T. Knight regular007Space 1999
Music Editor Karen Heward regular
Construction Manager Charles Hammerton regular
Supervisory Electrician Steve Birtles regularThe Saint
Stunt Arranger Ray Austin regularThe ProfessionalsThe SaintRandall and HopkirkThe ChampionsDepartment SSpace 1999
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