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  • title card: white all caps text with gold dropshadow to the right reading 'THE CORRECT WAY TO KILL' superimposed on Percy and Algy walking away down the cobble-stoned alley
  • subtitle card: white all caps text with black dropshadow to the left and gold dropshadow to the right reading 'STEED CHANGES PARTNERS -
					EMMA JOINS THE ENEMY' superimposed on Percy and Algy walking away down the cobble-stoned alley
  • Youtube video - Mrs Peel buys the morning paper, only to discover the front page now reads 'Mrs Peel - we're needed!' as Steed smirks at her from a nearby doorway
  • Olga throws open her fur coat to reveals grenades, pistols, knives and a pair of binoculars. She stands in the middle of Steed's pine-lined flat, a print  of Cutler's 'Charge of the Light Brigade' over the fireplace
  • Steed holds his umbrella up to his face and peers thruogh the handle at Winters, telling him the handle is loose. Olga looks on, baffled, in the background
  • A whiff of jack boots as the assembled snobs practice hailing a taxi with a gesture that mimics the Nazi salute.
  • Ivan's body is revealed inside the crate of umbrellas.
  • Mrs Peel, in an orange catsuit, peers around the enemy identification chart, currently showing a large black and white photo of Steed
  • video - Steed wears a Russian fur hat after an evening in Olga's company, but reflects that the evening was missing something - 'a certain bourgeois, capitalistic, decadent touch', suggests Emma

Series 5 - Episode 9
The Correct Way To Kill

7 stars

by Brian Clemens
Directed by Charles Crichton

Steed changes partners -
Emma joins the enemy


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Emma Peel Diana Rigg regularNew Avengers007
Olga Savonovitch Negretiskinka Volowski Anna Quayle 007
Nutski Michael Gough regularDoctor WhoBlake's 7The SaintThe ChampionsIndiana Jones
Ivan Peppitoperoff Philip Madoc regularDoctor WhoThe SaintSpace 1999UFODad's ArmyThe SweeneyJason KingRandall and HopkirkThe Champions
Tarquin Ponsonby ffrye Terence Alexander regularNew AvengersDoctor WhoThe ChampionsCarry On..
Percy (Mr Percival) Peter Barkworth regularDoctor Who
Algy (Algernon Wynche) Graham Armitage regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Dr Hubert Merryweather Timothy Bateson regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Hilda Joanna Jones regularJason KingDepartment S
J. Nathan Winters Edwin Apps Dangerman
Boris Groski John G. Heller regularDangermanThe SaintPink PantherThe Sweeney
Stanislaus Arkadi Romo Gorrara regular007The PrisonerThe SaintIndiana JonesPink Panther
Zoric Ronny ? regular
Sparring Partner Alf Joint regularNew AvengersDoctor WhoDangerman007The PrisonerStar WarsRandall and HopkirkSpace 1999
Sparring Partner Peter Brace regularNew AvengersDoctor WhoDangerman007The PrisonerStar WarsPink PantherThe Sweeney
Sparring Partner Terry Plummer regularNew Avengers007The SaintPink Panther
Snob (Mr Jones) Michael Elwyn regularDoctor Who
Snob unknown
Snob unknown
Snob unknown
Snob (Mr Wilson) unknown
Snob unknown
Snob (Mr Watkins) unknown
Snob unknown
Snob unknown
Snob unknown
Snob unknown
Snob unknown
Snob John Clifford regularThe SaintThe SweeneyUFOSpace 1999
Snob unknown
Snob Bernard Barnsley 007Doctor WhoCarry On..

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