• title card: white all caps text reading 'HONEY FOR THE PRINCE' superimposed on a stuffed bear standing close-up in the foreground, we can see Vincent standing in the room beyond it on the right
  • Steed peers into the last jar of honey after emptying them all while searching Reed's flat
  • Steed, wearing a tuxedo, sits on a bench between men dressed as Napoleon and a cowboy. A levantine wooden screen stands behind them
  • Hopkirk and Emma puff away on hookahs while they chat
  • Prince Ali plays cricket in his throne room
  • Arkadi lies on a tanning bed as his shapely masseuse attends to him, they are both wearing sunglasses and she fans him with an ostrich feather fan
  • Emma performs the dance of the seven veils in  appropriately Arabian attire
  • Steded and Emma fly away on a carpet - on the back of a van!

Series 4 - Episode 26
Honey for the Prince

8 stars

by Brian Clemens
Directed by James Hill


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Emma Peel Diana Rigg regular007Doctor Who
Ponsonby Hopkirk Ron Moody regular
Crown Prince Ali Mustashan Ghibrahn of Barabia Zia Mohyeddin Danger ManThe ChampionsAdam Adamant
Arkadi George Pastell Doctor WhoDanger Man007The SaintThe ChampionsDepartment S
Vincent East Roland Curram Randall and Hopkirk
Grand Vizier Bruno Barnabe regularThe Saint
B. Bumble Ken Parry regularThe Sweeney
Ronny Westcott Jon Laurimore regularDoctor WhoThe PrisonerCallanSpace 1999
Postman Reg Pritchard regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Bernie Peter Diamond regularDoctor WhoThe SaintIndiana JonesStar Wars
Eurasian Girl Carmen Dene Carry On..
George Reed Richard Graydon 007Indiana JonesStar Wars
QQF Girl unknown
Napoleon Charles Rayford regular
Mr Prentice unknown
Mountaineer unknown
Ethel unknown
Florrie unknown
Guard unknown
Herbert unknown
Henry unknown
Wife 33 unknown
Wife 4 unknown
Miffy (Wife 238) unknown
Freda (Wife 61) unknown

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