• title card: white all caps text reading 'ROOM WITHOUT A VIEW' outlined in black and superimposed on a close-up of a Chinese disc wind chime
  • Mrs Peel fights the laundryman who has helped abduct Dr Wadkin
  • Pasold collapses as he tries to turn off the gas pouring from the radiator
  • Over the shoulder view of the guard stroking Mrs Peel's neck menacingly with his riding crop as she looks up at him from the straw floor
  • Steed remarks that Chessman's business is booming as they regard the huge world map on the wall
  • Steed, in his white waiter's uniform, encounters the gas-mask wearing guard hiding in the wardrobe or room 621
  • Steed turns to look towards us - and the oncoming guards, as he is unlocking Emma's cell door; she peers through the grilled window
  • Steed conveys Emma away in a rickshaw (or at least, their stunt doubles do)

Series 4 - Episode 15
Room Without a View

7½ stars

by Roger Marshall
Directed by Roy Baker


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Emma Peel Diana Rigg regular007Doctor Who
Max Chessman Paul Whitsun-Jones regularDoctor WhoThe SaintDepartment SJason King
Varnals Peter Jeffrey regularDoctor WhoThe SaintAdam AdamantThe SweeneyPink Panther
Dr George Cullen Richard Bebb DangermanBlake's 7
Carter Philip Latham regularDoctor WhoDangermanThe ProfessionalsThe SaintUFO
Leonard Martin Pasold Peter Arne regularDangermanThe SaintPink PantherDepartment SThe Champions
Pushkin Vernon Dobtcheff regularDoctor Who007Blake's 7The SaintThe ChampionsIndiana JonesThe Sweeney
Dr John Wadkin Peter Madden regularDangerman007The SaintThe ChampionsAdam Adamant
Anna Wadkin Jeanne Roland Dangerman007The SaintThe Champions
Grace Martin Julie Pauline
George / Waiter Unknown Male (previously named as John Cam) regularThe ChampionsDangermanThe SaintCarry On..
Olivia unknown
Interrogator / Laundryman Anthony Chinn Dangerman007The ProfessionalsUFOIndiana JonesPink PantherThe Champions
Guard / Laundryman Romo Gorrara regular007The PrisonerThe SaintIndiana JonesPink Panther
Laundryman unknown
Waiter unknown
Waiter Victor Chapman regular007The SaintThe PrisonerRandall and HopkirkPink PantherCarry On..
Head Waiter Fred Stone
Laundry van driver Peter Evans regular007Doctor WhoThe SaintThe PrisonerThe ChampionsPink PantherCarry On..
Laundryman Don Archell regularDangermanThe Saint
Night Receptionist Cassandra Chapman regular007
Day Receptionist Aleta Morrison regular007
Fake Dr Cullen unknown regular
Maitre d'hôtel Andrew Andreas regularDangermanDoctor WhoAdam AdamantThe Professionals
Room Service unknown
Lift Attendant Sidney Jennings DangermanCarry On..
Lift Attendant John Tatum regularThe SaintThe Champions
Lift Attendant Fred Machon regular007DangermanThe SaintThe PrisonerThe ChampionsCarry On..
Lift Attendant John Wilder regular007The Saint
Guard Terry Plummer regular007The SaintPink Panther
Room Service Ned Lynch regularDangerman007The SaintThe PrisonerThe Champions (unconfirmed)
Barman Pat Ryan regular007DangermanThe SaintThe SweeneyCarry On..
Waiter Michael Dempsey regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Hotel guest unknown
Hotel guest John Howard regular007
Hotel guest Roy Beck regular007The SaintThe PrisonerUFOThe ChampionsCarry On..
Hotel guest unknown
Hotel guest unknown
Hotel guest Enice Bennett regular007
Hotel guest unknown
Hotel guest unknown
Hotel guest unknown
Hotel guest unknown
Hotel guest Ian Selby regularDangermanThe SaintCarry On..
Hotel guest unknown

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