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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'TOO MANY CHRISTMAS TREES' superimposed on a man wearing a Santa mask and outfit
  • Top-down view of a seance, there are four places around a round table at each of which is a photograph of Steed, the seat at the bottom of the screen is empty
  • Madame Guillotine kneels before the guillotine alongside the evil Santa, who holds the rope that will make the blade fall
  • Emma twirls around in her Oliver Twist costume, revealing how much, according to Steed, she has filled out(!)
  • Surreal image of a playing card turning into the scary masked Santa figure
  • Jeremy Wade, dressed as Jacob Marley, sits dead in the cobwebs of Miss Haversham's wedding banquet; Emma's hand moves some of the cobwebs aside
  • Mrs Peel disarms Jenkins as they fight in the hall of mirrors
  • Steed hold some mistletoe aloft as they depart, seeking a kiss from Mrs Peel

Series 4 - Episode 13
Too Many Christmas Trees

8 stars

by Tony Williamson
Directed by Roy Baker


Teleplay by Tony Williamson regular The Champions Dangerman The Saint Adam Adamant Randall and Hopkirk Jason King Department S
All characters and events in this Teleplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely co-incidental.
Directed by Roy Baker regular The Champions The Saint Department S Randall and Hopkirk Jason King
Produced by Juilan Wintle regular
In Charge of Production Albert Fennell regular New Avengers The Professionals
Music by Laurie Johnson regular New Avengers The Professionals Jason King
Associate Producer Brian Clemens regular New Avengers Dangerman The Champions The Professionals Adam Adamant
Photography Gerry Turpin regular Doctor Who
Art Director Robert Jones regular
Film Editor Richard Best regular
Production Manager Geoffrey Haine regular The Champions
© Associated British Productions Limited MCMLXV
Assistant Director Claude Watson regular Carry On..
Camera Operator Ronnie Taylor regular Star Wars
Casting Director G.B. Walker regular The Saint
Continuity June Randall regular 007 The Saint
Make-up George Blackler regular The Saint Carry On..
Hairdresser Pearl Orton regular Carry On..
Wardrobe Jackie Jackson regular
Sound Editor Lionel Selwyn regular
Sound Recording Simon Kaye regular 007 Indiana Jones
Dubbing Mixer Len Abbott regular The Champions The Saint Department S
Recording Director A.W. Lumkin regular The Saint
Stunt Arranger Ray Austin regular New Avengers The Professionals The Saint Randall and Hopkirk The Champions Department S Space 1999
ABC Production

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