• title card: white all caps text reading ‘TWO’S A CROWD’ outlined in black and superimposed on the wet message bomb
  • Webster (Steed) hams it up for the audience as a blond bikini model looks on behind him
  • Psev’s monitor screen shows Steed being greeted by two generals at the conference
  • Ivenko pins a riduclously large buttoniere to Webster’s lapel
  • Mrs. Peel leans against the fireplace, her wrists bound with cloth tape
  • Steed takes aim at the imcoming model aeroplane with his revolver
  • Steed frantically tries to find the frequency of the model bomber while Emma watches the incoming toy aircraft
  • Steed, dismounted next to his grey, meets Mrs. Peel riding a chestnut mare

Series 4 — Episode 12
Two’s a Crowd

by Philip Levene
Directed by Roy Baker

Production No E.64.10.11
Production completed: May 28 1965. First transmission: December 14 1965.


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular007
Emma Peel Diana Rigg regular007Doctor Who
Ambassador Sergei Brodny Warren Mitchell regularDanger ManThe SaintThe Sweeney
Alicia Elena Maria Machado
Boris Shvedloff Alec Mango regularDanger ManThe Saint
Josef Pudeshkin Wolfe Morris regularDoctor WhoThe SaintThe SweeneyJason KingDepartment S
Andrei Vogel Julian Glover regularDoctor Who007Blake’s 7The SaintThe ChampionsIndiana JonesStar WarsSpace 1999The SweeneyCallanJason King
Sergei Ivenko John Bluthal 007The SaintPink PantherCarry On
Major Plessey Carson Eric Lander The ChampionsDepartment S
Barman Tony Wall Doctor WhoThe Champions
Male model (David Ryan) unknown
Model Sadie Slade regularDanger ManThe Saint
Model Veronica Gardiner regular007
Model unknown
Model unknown
Grischa, 1st guard Anthony Sheppard regularThe Saint
Guard unknown* regularThe ChampionsDanger ManThe SaintCarry On
Guard Bill Hibbert regularThe SaintCarry On
Man in bar Redmond Bailey regular
Man in bar Norton Clarke Doctor WhoThe Saint
Man in bar/Fashion show attendee Colin McKenzie Danger ManThe SaintThe PrisonerDepartment S
Man in bar Victor Chapman regular007Danger ManThe SaintThe PrisonerRandall and HopkirkUFOThe SweeneyPink PantherCarry On..
Fashion show attendee Lee Fenton regularDoctor WhoThe Saint
Fashion show attendee Aileen Lewis regular007The PrisonerThe SaintThe SweeneyCallanCarry On
Fashion show attendee unknown
Fashion show attendee Peter Roy regular007Star WarsDoctor WhoThe SaintThe SweeneyBlake’s 7CallanIndiana JonesCarry On..
Fashion show attendee Esme Smythe regularThe Prisoner
Fashion show attendee unknown (Might be Norton Clarke)
Fashion show attendee Eric Henderson
Fashion show attendee unknown
Fashion show attendee unknown
British Major-general Alexander Lewis regularThe PrisonerThe Saint
US Colonel Dan Darnelli regularDanger Man007The PrisonerPink Panther
Conference driver unknown
Security man Joe Phelps regularDanger ManThe SaintCallanCarry On..
Security man/Waiter at party Donald Webb regularDanger ManCarry On..
Woman at party unknown
Woman at party unknown
Woman at party unknown
Woman at party Valerie Cockx regular
Woman at party Enice Bennett regular007
Woman at party unknown
Woman at party unknown
Woman at party unknown
Woman at party unknown
Woman at party Cassandra Chapman regular007
Navy Lieutenant at party unknown
RAF Squadron Leader at party unknown
Man at party Ned Lynch regularDanger Man007The SaintThe PrisonerThe Champions
Officer cadet at party Don Archell regularDanger ManThe Saint
Man at party Alan Harris regular007Star WarsSpace 1999UFOCarry On
Lieutenant at party Alan Bennett regularThe SaintUFO
Man at party Martin Starkie
Man at party unknown
Man at party Terry Maidment regular007The SaintPink Panther
Man at party John Howard regular007
Man at party Roy Beck regular007The SaintThe PrisonerUFOThe ChampionsCarry On..
Waiter at party unknown

* Previously identified as John Cam but probably is not, last name may be Warren.

Credits Legend:
Credited but not listed in press
Credited in press but not on screen
Credited in paperwork only
Uncredited / unattributed role
Crew: 90% opacity
® : illustrated from other sources

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