• title card: white all caps text reading 'A SURFEIT OF H20' outlined in black and superimposed on Barker lying on the ground, gasping for air in the torrent of rain
  • Mrs Peel sips a cup of tea in Eli's house while holding an umbrella over her head
  • Eli's boots lie at the feet of a man-shaped pool of water in the soggy field
  • Mrs Peel emerges from a hut dressed is a very tight PVC mack and black and white rubber hat
  • A close up of Sir Arnold's notepad, starting to get soaked with rain. It reads 'Rain contains silver iodide - excessive amount indicates it was introduced by man.'
  • Dr Sturm subjects Mrs Peel to torture in the wine press, her head and shoulders emerge from under the machinery
  • Close-up of Mrs Peel during the fight in the rainstorm; water pours off her cap and hair and she is thoroughly wet
  • Steed and Emma gaze meaningfully at each other before they depart in her Moke

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