• title card: white all caps text reading 'THE MASTER MINDS' outlined in black and superimposed on the scene in the vault of the guardsmen looting the safe
  • Mrs Peel is installed as Sir Clive's nurse, his doctor looks on approvingly at her uniform
  • Davina reveals that she has really just returned from the South of France - still wearing nothing but a bikini under her fur coat
  • The Professor hangs upside down from the ceiling, relishing the bloodflow to his brain
  • Steed narrowly avoids being skewered when he walk in front of an archery target
  • Emma lies on the trampoline in a black leotard as she discusses events with Steed
  • Emma takes aim at Steed with her bow
  • Mrs Peel smiles through the torn film screen after defeating Holly Trent

Series 4 - Episode 6
The Master Minds

7 stars

by Robert Banks Stewart
Directed by Peter Graham Scott


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Emma Peel Diana Rigg regularNew Avengers007
Sir Clive Todd Laurence Hardy Callan
Holly Trent Patricia Haines regularDangermanThe SaintRandall and HopkirkThe ChampionsDepartment SAdam Adamant
Desmond Leeming Bernard Archard regularDoctor WhoDangermanThe ProfessionalsDad's ArmyCallanPolice Surgeon
Dr Fergus Campbell Ian McNaughton
Sir Jeremy John Wentworth regularThe PrisonerThe SaintCallan
Davinia Todd Georgina Ward Dangerman
Major Plessy Manning Wilson The Saint
Findler Harvey Hall regularDangermanThe SaintDepartment S
Allan St. Johnson MP unknown
Sir Clive's butler Harry Hutchinson regular
Sir Clive's doctor Frank Mills regularDoctor WhoThe Sweeney
Sir Clive's nurse Geraldine Addison The SaintThe Sweeney
St. Johnson's secretary unknown
Barman Emil Stemmler regularDangermanThe SaintCarry On..
Philandering MP & Egghead John Wilder regularNew Avengers regular007The Saint
Background MP George Holdcroft regularCarry On..The PrisonerThe SaintThe Sweeney
Man in bar Tony Mendelssohn regularNew AvengersDangermanThe SaintThe Prisoner
Woman in bar Pearl Walters 007Carry On..The PrisonerThe Saint
Man in bar unknown
Archer unknown
Archer & Egghead Jack Mandeville regularDangermanThe Saint
Marjorie unknown
Professor Spencer Martin Miller Doctor WhoDangermanThe PrisonerThe SaintAdam AdamantDepartment S
Lieutenant Hardcastle Nigel Lambert regularDoctor WhoBlake's 7UFO
Filson Paddy Ryan regularDoctor Who007Randall and HopkirkAdam Adamant
Cute Egghead Elizabeth Reber
Egghead Raf de la Torre Doctor Who
Egghead unknown
Egghead unknown
Egghead unknown
Egghead Joe Phelps regularThe Saint
Egghead unknown
Egghead unknown
Egghead unknown
Egghead unknown
gymnast Jackie Cooper regular007The PrisonerPink Panther
Man in rowing machine Joe Farrer regular

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