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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'DEATH AT BARGAIN PRICES' outlined in black superimposed on an inflatable Yogi Bear
  • Steed grins as he puts one of the bowler hats on sale in the store on Mrs Peel's head
  • Kane, in his wheelchair, looks around at the old items in his Department of Discontinued Lines, marvelling at the craftsmanship that early machines had
  • Mrs Peel ponders the wisdom of giving her phone number to the house dick
  • Steed and Emma exchange information as she pretends to demonstrate a marionette theatre
  • Mrs Peel backs against a pillar as the villains approach her with their guns pointed at her
  • Mrs Peel approaches Massey who points a gun at her. Undaunted, she holds out her left hand to take his pistol
  • Steed and Emma ride towards us down a country lane, side by side on bicycles

Series 4 - Episode 4
Death at Bargain Prices

7 stars

by Brian Clemens
Directed by Charles Crichton


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Emma Peel Diana Rigg regularNew Avengers007
Horatio Kane Andre Morell regularDoctor WhoThe ProfessionalsThe Saint
Major Robert Wentworth (Retired) T.P. McKenna regularDoctor WhoDangermanBlake's 7The SaintAdam AdamantCallanJason KingThe Sweeney
William Farthingale Allan Cuthbertson regularDangermanThe SaintThe ChampionsJason KingUFOCallan
Massey George Selway Doctor WhoJason King
Tony Marco Harvey Ashby regularDangermanThe Saint
Charlie Jarvis John Cater regularDoctor WhoDangermanThe SweeneyDepartment SDad's Army
Professor Popple Peter Howell Doctor WhoThe ProfessionalsThe PrisonerThe ChampionsThe Sweeney
Glynn Ronnie Stevens Carry On..
Julie Thompson Diane Clare
Moran Arthur Gross The PrisonerThe Saint
Lady Shopper Totti Truman Taylor regularThe Saint
Cat Girl unknown
Nursery department assistant unknown
Cowgirl unknown
shop assistant unknown
shop assistant unknown
customer unknown
customer unknown
customer Peter Evans regular007Doctor WhoThe SaintThe PrisonerThe ChampionsPink PantherCarry On..
customer unknown
customer unknown
customer Pat Halpin regular007DangermanThe PrisonerThe SaintCallanCarry On..
customer Louise Nolan
customer unknown
customer unknown
customer unknown
customer Alexander Lewis regularThe PrisonerThe Saint
customer Eileen Lewis regular
customer unknown
customer unknown
customer unknown
customer unknown
customer unknown
customer unknown
customer unknown

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