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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'THE MEDICINE MEN' superimposed on Tu Hsiu Yung being smothered
  • advertising sample - LILT GIRL in bold black text at top right, Fay in close up bottom left, holding a bar of Lilt complexion soap in her left hand, beneath the branding
  • Steed and Cathy find Fay bound and gagged in a room of the printery
  • Cathy wears an eye patch after the fight in the printery; she licks her lips as she anticipates the reaction
  • Steed in profile on the left, smoking a cigar as he assumes the guise of an Icelandic art dealer, the artist Leeson faces us from behind him
  • Fay kisses Steed goodbye. It must be winter, she's wearing a knitted cap and he is wearing a thick woolen jumper

Series 3 - Episode 16
The Medicine Men

by Malcolm Hulke
Designed by David Marshall
Directed by Kim Mills


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman regular007DangermanDoctor WhoThe Saint
Geoffrey Willis Peter Barkworth regularDoctor Who
John Willis Newton Blick
Frank Leeson Harold Innocent regularDoctor WhoThe ProfessionalsThe ChampionsCallanRandall and Hopkirk
Miss Dowell Joy Wood
Fay Monica Stevenson The Saint
Taylor John Crocker regularThe Saint
Edwards Peter Hughes regularDangermanThe Professionals
Masseuse Brenda Cowling regular007Carry On..Dad's Army
Tu Hsiu Yung Lucille Soong regularAdam AdamantThe PrisonerThe Champions
Turkish bath customer unknown
Turkish bath customer/secretary unknown
Baths Attendant (murderess) Elizabeth Villiers
Compositor unknown
Thug Max Latimer regular007
Thug Norman Lambert

The script notes: "+ 2 Male Extras as Compositors: 2 Female Extras as Turkish Baths customers and Secretary". However, I've only spotted one compositor.

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