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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'SECOND SIGHT' superimposed with a black drop shadow on a close-up of the face of a marble bust
  • Anstice listens with a pained expression to the opinion of Dr Spender, who has his back to us
  • Dr Hawn in the foreground wonders how to rid herself of Dr Spender
  • The patient in the bed is wearing dark glasses and is completely wrapped in gauze... it could be anyone
  • Dr Vilner prepares to operate, his anaesthetist at the ready beside him
  • Anstice stands behind Halvarssen with his gun drawn, interrupted before he can kill him; Halvarssen's head is bowed

Series 3 - Episode 13
Second Sight

by Martin Woodhouse
Designed by Terry Green
Directed by Peter Hammond


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman regular007DangermanDoctor WhoThe Saint
Neil Anstice Peter Bowles regularDangermanThe PrisonerThe SaintSpace 1999Department SCallanAdam AdamantRandall and Hopkirk
Dr Eve Hawn Judy Bruce
Marten Halvarssen John Carson regularNew AvengersDoctor WhoThe ProfessionalsThe SaintDepartment SAdam AdamantThe Champions
Dr. Spender Ronald Adam
Dr. Vilner Steven Scott regularCarry On..Doctor WhoThe Saint
Steiner Terry Brewer regular
Architect unknown
Architect unknown
Architect unknown
Architect unknown
Nurse Sheila Dunn regularDoctor Who (unconfirmed)
Nurse Pamela Plant
Pilot unknown
Air Hostess unknown
Hilda Brauer unknown (still)

The script reads: PLUS: Extras: Sister, Nurse, Orderley, Pilot, Air Hostess, Two businessmen.

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