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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'THE GRANDEUR THAT WAS ROME' superimposed on dead worms in a box of soil
  • Cathy meets the disguised Steed at United Foods
  • Marcus, centre stage in Roman armour, gloats at Cathy, foreground left while Bruno gazes at her from the shadows
  • Sir Bruno leads his courtesans into the revel, dressed in an emperor's toga
  • Steed, wearing a toga, is held at gunpoint by Apollodorus
  • Cathy is restrained by two Roman guards as Bruno plans to poison her

Series 3 - Episode 8
The Grandeur That Was Rome

by Rex Edwards
Designed by Stan Woodward
Directed by Kim Mills


written by Rex Edwards
story editor Richard Bates regular
THE AVENGERS theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
designed by Stan Woodward
producer John Bryce regular
Directed by Kim Mills regular
Floor Manager John Wayne regular
Stage Manager Betty Crowe regular
Call Boy David Granger regular
P.A. Eileen Cornwell regular
Wardrobe Supervisor Sally Russell regular
Make-Up Supervisor Lee Halls regular
Technical Supervisor Bob Godfrey regular
Lighting Supervisor Ken Brown regular
Senior Cameraman Michael Baldock regular
Sound Supervisor Michael Roberts regular
Vision Mixer Del Randall regular
Racks Supervisor Bill Marley regular
Grams Operator Peter Wilcox regular
an ABC Production

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