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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'THE GOLDEN FLEECE	' superimposed on two military caps hanging from hooks above an empty metal shelf
  • Mr Lo and Captain Jason meet at the Chinese restaurant
  • Jimmy Jones's face hit the windscreen of the car, breaking the glass
  • Steed relaxes with a Tintin comic in the original French edition
  • A pile of the munitions, made of pure gold
  • Captain Jason regrets their plan, but only because they can't help the veterans anymore; Major Ruse watches him from behind while Sgt-M Wright goes to pack his kit

Series 3 - Episode 4
The Golden Fleece

by Roger Marshall and Phyllis Norman
Designed by Anne Spavin
Directed by Peter Hammond


written by Roger Marshall regular The Professionals The Sweeney
and Phyllis Norman
story editor Richard Bates regular
THE AVENGERS theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
designed by Anne Spavin regular
producer John Bryce regular
Directed by Peter Hammond regular
Floor Manager Harry Lock regular (listed as Harry Locke)
Stage Manager Shirley Cleghorn regular
Production Assistant Christine Thomas regular
P.A. Timer unknown
Technical Supervisor Bob Godfrey regular
Lighting Supervisor Peter Kew regular
Senior Cameraman Michael Baldock regular (listed as Mike Baldock)
Sound Supervisor Michael Roberts regular (billed as Mike Roberts)
Vision Mixer Del Randall regular (listed as Del Randell)
Wardrobe Supervisor Ambren Garland regular
Make-Up Supervisor Lee Halls regular
an ABC Production

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