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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'THE GOLDEN FLEECE	' superimposed on two military caps hanging from hooks above an empty metal shelf
  • Mr Lo and Captain Jason meet at the Chinese restaurant
  • Jimmy Jones's face hit the windscreen of the car, breaking the glass
  • Steed relaxes with a Tintin comic in the original French edition
  • A pile of the munitions, made of pure gold
  • Captain Jason regrets their plan, but only because they can't help the veterans anymore; Major Ruse watches him from behind while Sgt-M Wright goes to pack his kit

Series 3 - Episode 4
The Golden Fleece

by Roger Marshall and Phyllis Norman
Designed by Anne Spavin
Directed by Peter Hammond


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman regular007DangermanDoctor WhoThe Saint
Captain George Jason Warren Mitchell regularDangermanThe SaintThe Sweeney
Major Ruse Tenniel Evans regularDoctor WhoThe SaintRandall and Hopkirk
Sgt. Major Wright Barry Linehan regularAdam AdamantDad's ArmyThe Saint
Mr. Lo Robert Lee The ProfessionalsDangermanJason King
Mrs. Kwan Yu Ling DangermanThe Prisoner
Esther Jones Lisa Peake regular
Private Holmes Ronald Wilson regularThe Saint
Jimmy Jones Michael Hawkins regularDoctor WhoPolice SurgeonThe Saint
Hostess Yvette Herries regular
Hostess unknown
Diner unknown
Hostess unknown
Hostess unknown
Gangster Valentine Musetti regularNew AvengersSpace 1999007CallanThe Professionals (unconfirmed)
Gangster Gary Hope?
Diner unknown
Diner unknown
Soldier unknown
Soldier Eric Mason Doctor WhoThe SaintThe ChampionsThe Sweeney
Soldier unknown
Soldier unknown

The script states "+ 10 Extras" but I have spotted eleven.

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