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  • title card: white all caps text reading 'CONCERTO' superimposed on a close-up of blurred hands furiously playing a piano, the keyboard diagonally across screen from top left
  • Two-up shot of Burns dismissing Darleen's concern about Steed's prying
  • Stefan is photographed in the seedy nightclub in a compromising situation with Darleen
  • Cathy has been tied to an ornate chair by burns, a leather belt about her neck
  • Peterson hands Stefan a pistol and tells him to kill the Minister
  • Zalenko and Steed farewell each other in the foreground, wearing each other's hat, while Cathy looks on from behind them

Series 3 - Episode 1

by Terrance Dicks and Malcolm Hulke
Designed by Robert Macgowan
Directed by Kim Mills


click a name to see the face
John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Catherine Gale Honor Blackman regular007DangermanDoctor WhoThe Saint
Zalenko Nigel Stock regularDangermanDoctor WhoThe PrisonerThe SaintAdam AdamantPolice Surgeon
Stefan Veliko Sandor Elès regularDangermanThe ProfessionalsThe SaintJason KingDepartment S
Darleen Lomax Dorinda Stevens Carry On..DangermanThe Saint
Peterson Bernard Brown Indiana Jones
Burns Geoffrey Colville regularDoctor Who (billed as Geoffrey Colvile)
Receptionist (Miss Walters) Carole Ward
Polly White Valerie Bell The SaintThe Sweeney
Robbins Leslie Glazer
herself Junia regular
Hostess Caroline Hall
Thug Terry Brewer regular
Thug Valentine Musetti regularNew AvengersSpace 1999007CallanThe Professionals (billed as Valentine Musetti)
Stripper Lynn Taylor regularDangerman
Club patron/Bureaucrat unknown
Club patron/concerto guest Rex Rashley Doctor Who
Club patron/flunkey Howard Kingsley regular
Club patron/concerto guest Richard Cuthbert regular
Club patron unknown
Trade Minister John Dennison regular
Lady Cynthia unknown
Concerto guest Corrine Burford regular(billed as Coreen Burford)
Concerto guest unknown
Club patron/concerto guest Gregory Scott regular
Concerto guest unknown
Club patron/concerto guest Victor Harrington regularThe Saint007Randall and HopkirkThe SweeneyCarry On..
Club patron/concerto waiter Benn Simons regular

The other extras are Lauderdale Beckett, John Cabot, Daphne Davey and Dorothy Robson; however, I have one more man than listed.

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